How to Uncover the Vampire Mystery in Red Dead Redemption 2 and What to Do Next

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Saint Denis Vampire Explained: Rockstar’s open-world action games are always different from others because they have a lot of Easter eggs, references, and secrets. Rockstar Games has been known for putting strange things in its open-world sandboxes for more than a decade.

These can be anything from tongue-in-cheek references to brands and other games to surprising appearances by celebrities to hidden weapons. A Rockstar game’s many mysteries are by far the most famous type of secret, and Red Dead Redemption 2 has some of the best.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of dark and unclear secrets, most of which are hidden in plain sight. The game is set in the past, which lends itself to a more strange atmosphere.

But while there are a lot of secrets in Red Dead Redemption 2 that are based in reality and involve real people, some of the most popular ones are the ones that have a touch of the supernatural. This is a good way to describe the mystery of the Saint-Denis vampire.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Saint Denis Vampire Explained

This famous Red Dead Redemption 2 story takes place in the busy city of Saint-Denis, as the name suggests. The vampire in Red Dead Redemption 2 is available as soon as players arrive in Saint-Denis as Arthur Morgan, but he needs a little work before the final fight can happen.

There are five pieces of writing all over the city, written on different walls.

Behind the Saint-Denis General Store, players can find a message that says, “Five bones under the perfect star, Nosferatu will become mortal again.” The second message is in an alley next to the Fontana Theatre. It says, “Oh, sweetest of napes, may your blood stay on my lips forever.

Red Dead Redemption 2's Saint Denis Vampire Explained

Six there will be before the lust is satisfied.” Behind the Gunsmith, the third message says, “With one long kiss, I take her life and wait for the outpost of the coming day.” The next-to-last word is right next to the Trapper and says, “I feed again the blood of life. The circle is now complete.”

The last sign can be found just south of the tavern. It says, “I drink from the maiden and live again in the dead. The Ring of Blood’s Heart.”

The spooky messages paint a pretty clear picture of what players can expect to find. The first message mentions Nosferatu by name, and most of the others talk about drinking blood.

The messages also say that there will be six victims, which suggests that these five messages were left at each murder scene and that there is still one more crime to be done.

If players look at their journals after finding all five messages, they’ll see that the locations of the five murders form a pentagram. If they go to the center of the pentagram, they can find the vampire in Saint-Denis.

When players go into the alleyway marked on the map, which is just south of the Saint-Denis church, around midnight, they will see a scary-looking person hunched over a dead body. This pale figure suddenly turns to face the player.

It is wearing a long black coat, black pants, and red gauntlets. In the dim light of the alley, it’s hard to see, but players with keen eyes can see that the mystery man has long ears like bat ears and very sharp teeth. If the player stays too long, the Saint-Denis vampire walks toward them and says they’ll be his next target if they don’t leave.

If the player doesn’t act quickly enough, the vampire will pull out his knife and kill them in one hit. After everything is done, players can find an item in a newspaper about a man named Bosco Lopez who killed five people in Saint-Denis years ago. All of the victims had bite marks, but Lopez was supposedly hanged for his crimes.



Rockstar’s open-world action game, Red Dead Redemption 2, features a mix of Easter eggs, references, and secrets. The game’s Saint-Denis Vampire is a mysterious figure who appears in the city of Saint-Denis, posing as Arthur Morgan.

The game is set in the past, with a mix of reality and supernatural elements. Players must find five spooky messages scattered throughout the city, indicating that there is still one more crime to be done.

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