Must Know the 5 Fascinating Facts About Emojis

Time has evolved! From sending letters to receiving text, we are already making a lot of progress because of the growing technology. Nowadays, people leaving overseas contact their friends and family within seconds. There are no delays or no waiting like in the 90s era. As we are growing and getting more developed, the use of messages, emails, and text is repeatedly increasing among people. However, the world of text won’t be seen without emojis.

There is no wonder that emojis are unique and incredible approaches that make the text more interesting. Thanks to these emojis, people find it easy to showcase their emotions. You will be shocked to learn that in honor of celebrating the historical development of emojis, the world has devoted a day to it. The day is known as World Emoji Day, which is celebrated on July 17 every year.

A recent study on the popularity of emojis suggests that there are over 3,600 emojis available on different platforms, with some significantly improving inclusivity and representation in communication. No one has ever thought that these icons would have so many values. In today’s article, we will be going to talk about five interesting facts that are forbidden to your knowledge. If you love to use emojis in the text, you must learn these facts.

People Prefer Sending Emojis over Text

If emojis are used correctly, you will be able to showcase your emotions truly. It is shocking to learn that people prefer sending emojis to sending messages. For example, if you are being sleepy, there is an emoji for it. So does eating, crying, laughing, and so on. If used properly, these emojis can elaborate the right context of your text to the receiver.

Along with that, these emojis play a crucial role in directing the right emotions to the people. Just by sending a text, the sender can’t tell the right emotions. The use of emojis is not limited to friends and family but has an extended view to colleagues and clients. Your overall personality will be reflected through this!

Emoji and its Meaning!

Every word comes from somewhere and so does “Emoji”. While we all know what emoji means and what it does, do you know the origin of the word? Well, I know that most of you have not learned about this. The word emoji has been driven by the Japanese language, which means Picture + Character.

Which is the Most used Emoji?

Everyone uses emojis to express their feelings or make their text more appealing. However, you will be shocked to learn that there are emoji data that suggests the most used emoji every year.

The number of emojis has developed over the years and thanks to these cute digital icons, it helps the audience to portray their emotion among friends and family. Nowadays, you will find different emojis trending on social media and also see them on home décor items, pillowcases, T-shirts, and so on.

The whole survey deals with the account of the emoji and finds out about the most emoji around the globe. In 2019, the data said that ‘Face With Tears of Joy’ holds the most-used emoji of the year. Still, the emoji holds the most used emoji and is generating an overwhelming fan following all around the world.

Every Second 3472222 emojis are Sent!

Every day, people exchange messages. You must be chatting with your friends or with your loved ones. Recently, there has been a report that suggests that every second, around 3472222 emojis are sent.

This can be seen as the domination of the emojis world. The report further says that the messages mainly contain an average of 1-2 emojis. Also, people love to send heart messages over the social media platform and it is one of the most used ones for texting.

Emoji: Man VS Women

Do you know that if you are a man, you are likely to send different emojis and if you are a woman, you have different preferences in your emoji choices? Well, this is one of the other interesting facts about the emoji culture. It has been revealed that women and men have different preferences in sending emojis.

It has been revealed that women mostly send emojis that follow love, laughter, and happiness.  They have a fun kind of conversation. On the other hand, men mostly send messages and texts that follow emojis involving fear. This data brought the attention of many people and they find it cool to learn.


To conclude this article, we can see that emojis have become the new favorite. It’s been more than two decades since the emoji was known into existence and the popularity of these small emotions is already popular. At the time of writing, there are 3000+ emojis available on people’s devices.

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