GTA 5 Paparazzo Mission: How to Snap the Perfect Shot of a Celebrity

GTA 5 paparazzi mission: Grand Theft Auto V is a video game with a lot of things to do and tasks to do. The first Strangers and Freaks task for Beverly Felton, a paparazzo who wants to take pictures of famous people, is called “Paparazzo.”

Franklin Clinton helps Beverly follow a famous person in a car so she can take pictures of him. After you finish the story mission “Complications,” you can start this mission by meeting Beverly at the intersection of Eclipse Boulevard and San Vitus Boulevard in West Vinewood.

The task has two goals: to help Beverly take three photos of the famous person and look at them, and to make sure that Beverly gets rid of his rival paparazzo on the first try. To reach these goals, the person needs to do the following:

  • Hop on the bike close by and follow the car. Stay close to the back window so Beverly can get a clear picture of the famous person inside. Avoid running into other cars or obstacles, as this will slow down the chase and hurt the bike.
  • After a few shots, Beverly will put the camera down and look at it. To get the gold award, he needs to do this three times. The player can see how the photos are coming along by looking at the lower right part of the screen, where a green bar shows how good the shots are.

gta 5 paparazzi mission

  • After the third check, a rival paparazzo on a different bike will join the chase. So that Beverly can hit him with his camera, the player needs to get close to him and slow down a bit. He will fall off his bike, and the chase will be over. To get the gold award, the player needs to do this on the first try.
  • To finish the task, you need to drive Beverly back to his house on Spanish Avenue.

The player gets $200 and can start the next task for Beverly, which is called Paparazzo: The Sex Tape. The task also counts toward finishing the game 100%.

Paparazzo is a fun and easy task that introduces the player to the world of celebrity rumors and scandals in Los Santos. It also shows off GTA V’s sense of humor and satire, since the star in question is a joke about Justin Bieber. The task is a good way to make money and try out some of the other things you can do in GTA V.

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