How to Make GTA 5 Look Like a Next-Gen Masterpiece with These 5 Mods

With GTA 5 mods, the game can be changed into anything the player wants. In the single-player mode, Rockstar Games lets fans use modded scripts to change how they play. Because of this, the community made a number of mods that make PC games feel like the next generation.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is already a next-generation game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, but the PC mods make it better than the platform versions.

But the game has a huge number of mods, and players often don’t know which one to use. This piece lists the top five GTA 5 mods that players can try to make the game better.

The top five GTA 5 mods for a great game experience

5) Sports Activities

Rockstar Games put a few sports events into GTA 5 Story Mode as side activities that players can do when they are not on a job. But with andre500’s Sports Activities mod, players can add more sports tasks to the game.

GTA 5 5 Mods Look Like a Next-Gen Masterpiece
Sports Activities

The modder says that players can do push-ups to make their characters stronger. But doing too much will also hurt your health. This is a great way to improve the stats of your game character. They also said that there would be more things to do in the future.

4) Snow Singleplayer

Story Mode’s snow season is missed by many fans. Rockstar Games does sometimes add snow to the game, but it is only for the online mode and only stays for a few days. But GTAMultiplayer Team’s Singleplayer Snow mod lets players enjoy the cold season in single-player as well.

The GTA 5 mod puts a thin layer of ice over the whole State of San Andreas. Snow builds up on the roads, hills, cars, and house roofs, giving the game a realistic feel. In some places, there is also sometimes a thick blanket of fog that makes it hard to see. It’s also important to remember that snowy roads make it harder to control a car.

3) Interiors Additions

The number of rooms you can go into in Grand Theft Auto 5 is much lower than in other games. Rockstar Games also makes it impossible for players to go to some places that are already in the game. To fix this, modder Alex106 made the Interior Additions mod, which adds new places that can be visited.

GTA 5 5 Mods Look Like a Next-Gen Masterpiece
Interiors Additions

The mod’s creator says that it makes a lot of GTA 5’s interiors available and adds a few brand-new places. Some of them are the FIB building, the La Mesa Police Station, Beeker’s Garage at the Lost Clubhouse, The Motor Motel in the Grand Senora Desert, and many more.

2) FiveM

One of the most famous mods that Rockstar Games just bought is the GTA 5 FiveM. It is now an official part of the company that makes games. Since it hosts the most third-party multiplayer servers, the mod is very famous among RP gamers.

The FiveM mod can be downloaded for free from the game’s main website ( and put in place. You must have a legal copy of GTA 5, though, because the mod won’t work on stolen games. People with low-end PCs shouldn’t use FiveM because it needs a lot of hardware power.

1) NaturalVision Developed

The NaturalVision Evolved is thought to be the best graphics mod for GTA 5 on PC. It completely changes how the game looks and plays. Even though Grand Theft Auto 5 is realistic, it still looks like a cartoon, and the images have gotten worse since it came out. But the NVE mod gives the game a new lease on life with its photorealistic images.

The lights, shadows, and scenery all look great, making the difference between the video game world and real life much smaller.

Jamal, who is better known as Razed Mods, made it. NaturalVision Evolved (NVE) and NaturalVision Remastered (NVR) are the two types of mods that the creator makes.


GTA 5 mods offer players the ability to customize the game’s appearance and gameplay. Rockstar Games has created various mods to make PC games feel like the next generation. The top five GTA 5 mods include Sports Activities, Snow Singleplayer, Interior Additions, FiveM, NaturalVision Developed, and NaturalVision Remastered.

Sports Activities allows players to add more sports tasks, while Snow Singleplayer adds snow for single-player play. Interior Additions adds new places and a few new places, while FiveM is an official part of the company.

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