GTA 5: The 5 Side Missions That Will Blow Your Mind

GTA 5 is one of the biggest games you can play, and the size and freedom of its open world can easily confuse the player. Rockstar Games likes to add interesting features to their games that make the worlds feel real and lived in.

The game world of GTA 5 is the same. As players discover the state of San Andreas, they will often meet interesting people who will give them side quests or side missions.

These side tasks are one way that Rockstar Games shows off their writing skills. GTA 5 has a few of these “Strangers and Freaks” side tasks, which are common in RPGs.

Most of the time, they will show up on the map as a “?”. The color of the icon shows which character can start the mission: green for Franklin, blue for Michael, and orange for Trevor.

Five of the best side missions in GTA 5:-

1) Seeking the Truth – Michael

The Epsilon Cult is often talked about on the game’s internet, and players might even see their familiar blue robes around Los Santos or in other Rockstar games like Red Dead Redemption.

Michael can choose to join the group, and if he does, strange things will happen. You can start the tasks by filling out a survey on the Epsilon Program website in GTA 5.

GTA 5: The 5 Side Missions
Seeking the Truth

When the survey is done, a question mark will show up on the map. This is where players can begin the task.

2) Altruist Cult – Trevor

GTA 5 has a tendency to get creepy every once in a while. The player, who plays Trevor, can choose to help a group of cannibals. This is one of the creepiest parts of the game.

Hitchhikers will ask Trevor for help in Sandy Shores or other nearby places. The player can then choose to take them to the base of the cult instead of where they want to go.

After Trevor gives 4 of these people to the cult, the cult decides to kill Trevor, which starts a huge gunfight. The player must fight their way out of the cult’s grasp while also picking up bags of money that each hold $25,000.

3) Franklin’s The Mystery of Leonora Johnson

Franklin comes into his own as a detective during this side task. He finds out why Leonora Johnson’s death was so strange.

For the side task, the player has to find 50 pieces of letters all over the game world. In the end, they can decide whether or not to face the killer.

GTA 5: The 5 Side Missions
The Mystery of Leonora Johnson

The letter scraps shouldn’t be too hard to find, but players should remember that there is no cash reward at the end of this side task.

4) Franklin – The Last One

This may be the most difficult side mission in GTA 5 since the player has to finish the game 100% before they can start this quest.

When Franklin finishes the game, a green question mark shows on the map. He can go there to start his search for the infamous Sasquatch. The beast itself isn’t hard to find, but GTA 5’s best part is definitely the great twist at the end.

5) Grass Roots – Michael

Grass Roots is a side task that all three characters can do, but only Trevor and Michael will start hallucinating because of it. Michael sees a bunch of aliens trying to attack him in his dream.

This is a fun scene where players use a machine gun to kill aliens that look suspiciously like the Xenomorphs from the Alien movies.

The whole thing doesn’t take too long, but it makes for some really fun times in GTA 5.


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