Far Cry 6: Gunpowder Guide – How to Get It, Use It, and Store It

How to get gunpowder in far cry 6? The game Far Cry 6 is very big. The game’s map is made up of several huge islands, and all of Far Cry 6’s files take up more than 50 GB of room. But it’s a game that’s more than just big.

Far Cry 6 is a big game with a lot to do. It will take a player well over 50 hours to do everything it has to offer. That means you have to finish the story mode, do all the side tasks, and make every piece of equipment.

In Far Cry 6, like in many other games, players can improve their gear. That said, every update to a weapon needs gunpowder. There are three ways to get it over and over again.

Crates FND

Most of the time, gunpowder can be found in the grey and red FND boxes that are all over the map. There is usually some gunpowder in most boxes.

Unfortunately, they don’t stand out much in terms of how they look, so the player has to be on the lookout for them. Most of the time, they are hidden in military sites and buildings that have been freed from the military, or they are hidden in the woods.

how to get gunpowder in far cry 6

If a player has trouble finding the crates, they can pay a double spy to mark them on their map.

Military Supply Drops

There are only 20 Military Supply Drops in the game, which makes them more rare than FND boxes. But they are easy to find and give better rewards, like gunpowder. Every supply drop is marked by a big cloud of yellow smoke that can be seen from far away.

The smoke plume can be seen by more than just the player’s group, though. If a player wants to get a military supply drop, they should be ready for a fight and bring the stronger guns from Far Cry 6.

Bandido Operations

Bandido Operations are side missions that you can do to earn them. They usually give rare rewards. To get to them, the player has to take a few prisoners all over Yara. Once a player has enough followers, they can take group missions listed on Bandido boards in El Este, Madrugaga, and Valle de Oro.

how to get gunpowder in far cry 6

This way is the most limited because these missions and their rewards change over time and can’t be done more than once. But the game does tell the player ahead of time what the rewards are for each task, so if you want gunpowder, you should check the boards often.

Overall, players shouldn’t worry too much about getting gunpowder when they first start. The best time to use weapon mods in Far Cry 6 is at the end of the game. Still, it’s always best to get ready ahead of time.

Gun Powder Earnings from Ambushes

Ambushes are a sure way to get Gun Powder in Far Cry 6. For these, you have to kill multiple enemies who are guarding a box. When you get close to them, red pistol icons show up on the map.

Every Ambush gives at least one Gun Powder and other important crafting materials like Supremo Bonds. This is the best way to find Gun Powder and improve your guns.

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Far Cry 6 is a massive game with over 50 hours of content. Players must complete story mode, and side tasks, and create equipment to improve their gear. Gunpowder is required for weapon updates. Players can find gunpowder in FND boxes, military supply drops, Bandido Operations, and ambushes.

The best time to use weapon mods is at the end of the game, but it’s essential to prepare ahead of time. Ambushes provide Gun Powder and other crafting materials, making them the best way to find and improve weapons.

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