5 Amazing Roblox Games that Capture the Essence of Among Us

On Roblox, users can always expect something new. Just when someone thinks they’ve seen everything on the app, a cool list of games comes out, forcing them back into the visual world. Since it came out on June 15, 2018, the Among Us series has been a big hit. This has led many Roblox creators to make games that are similar to the super popular online multiplayer social game.

The number of people who can play Among Us is between four and fifteen. In each round, an Impostor is chosen at random from a group of up to three people who don’t know each other. The only way for crewmates to win is if they get rid of all the impostors or do all their jobs.

In the same way, Impostors have two ways to win: either by killing or kicking out all of their crewmates or by destroying a key part of the area. Players can also leave early if they meet any of the rules for winning.

With a few exceptions, this is still a popular way to play in all Roblox games.

A list of Roblox games that fans of “Among Us” will enjoy:-

Some of these games have age limits because there is some violence when imposters kill their crewmates. Before starting the game, players should check the home page to see what the age requirements are.

1) Roblox Crewmates

Players are in a spaceship in the middle of the great unknown.

5 Roblox games like Among Us

Players and other members of their team will search the ship to find the killer. Before they can decide who the killer is at the end of the game, they have to convince other players that they are the suspect.

2) Roblox Impostor

In Roblox Imposter, each player will be put on one of the two teams. They will either be members of the group or fakes. Players must use their wits and the clues given by the fakes to figure out who they are. So that the crew doesn’t think they are fakes, they will have to try to kill everyone on the ship.

3) Roblox Amongst Us

This version of Among Us is cuter and was made on September 22, 2020. It quickly became a fan favorite. So far, 419.2 million people have played the game. The developers added 12 FNF pets with custom animations and songs in the most recent update. All of the other Among Us games have the same way to play.

4) Roblox Among Sus

The game hasn’t been as popular as the others, but it has a lot of promise. Gameplay is pretty fun because the controls are easy to use and the animations are smooth.

5 Roblox games like Among Us

Even though the game doesn’t really change, the creator has added fun quests that give players in-game cash they can use to buy or improve hats and pets.

5) Roblox Among Us Zombies

Last but not least, the last game on the list is played in a very different way. The players are on a spaceship, but they aren’t fighting with each other. Instead, they have to fight off waves of zombies that are trying to take over the spaceship. With each job they finish, players earn money that they can use to improve their weapons.


Roblox has been a popular game since its release in 2018, with a range of games available. The Among Us series, which began in 2018, features a random Impostor and crewmates who must eliminate impostors or complete tasks.

Some games have age limits, but some are popular. Some popular Roblox games include Roblox Crewmates, Roblox Impostor, Roblox Among Us, Roblox Among Sus, and Roblox Among Us Zombies. Some games have age limits, while others have fun controls, smooth animations, and quests.

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