Among Us 2 Release Date, Gameplay, And Price: All The Latest News And Rumors

Yes, you read that right. The popular asymmetrical survival game of the moment is getting a follow-up. So, kind of. Innersloth, the company that made the famous mobile and PC game Among Us, wrote a long blog post in August about what could be the start of a sequel.

This announcement couldn’t have come at a better time, since their two-year-old game, which only had a few hundred users at any given time, suddenly went viral last month and now has just under 200,000 users at any given time.

But it’s clear that Among Us wasn’t made to appeal to so many people, as it lacks many quality-of-life features like matchmaking, scoring systems, different game modes, and other things that could make it a must-play game for everyone, or at least more than it already is. All of these are things that the team might talk about in the next part.

But let’s not get too far ahead. In this piece, we’ll talk about Among Us 2 and its possible features, as well as Innersloth’s plans for content, pricing, and a lot more.

Among Us 2 Features

The developers are actually showing a lot of things they want to include in a possible sequel, such as:

Increased Player Count Per Match

The developers know that with the sudden influx of players, many are looking to try out different sets and lobby configurations. Those who choose to play with 3 Impostors, in particular, make it very hard for the Crewmates.

Among Us 2 Release Date

Because of this, the team is trying to make maps and matches that can fit between 13 and 15 people. This would make the game fairer for all match compositions.

New Roles

The usual mode of Among Us, Crewmates vs. Impostors, is easy enough that anyone can figure it out in just a few minutes. But the game’s complexity comes from how the players talk to each other as they try to figure out who is innocent and who is the killer.

The developers of Among Us 2 want to add more roles to this system than the two that are already there. However, they have said that they are still very early in the planning process for these new roles.

New Game Modes

The normal game mode has been making waves in the online gaming community with its intrigue, deception, and a large amount of shenanigans. It looks like Among Us 2 is working on at least one new game mode, which is being teased as “Hide and Seek.”

There aren’t many details about this possible feature or about whether or not there will be more game modes in the future, but they have said that they want to add more types of gameplay.

Better Social Features

If you’ve ever played Among Us, you know that the social system is one of its weaker points. In particular, the way you find and join new matches is pretty bad. This is because the game was originally made by a small company of three friends as a casual game.

To fix this, Among Us 2 will have a friend system right away. It will also have matchmaking and maybe even a scoring system to make it easier and more streamlined to find matches.

Better Punishment and Moderation

Last but not least, they talked about cheats and toxic players, as well as the fact that Among Us doesn’t have many ways to stop or deal with these issues. Even though these worries aren’t common, they can still ruin a match for anyone.

Among Us 2 will have more protections against hacking than just a new way to report things. We’d love it if there was a ban list where you could put cheats and bad apples on a blacklist.

Among Us 2 Price

The developers made sure to add a section to talk about how much the sequel will cost, especially since the original game was made as a mobile game first and foremost, so the pricing plan wouldn’t work for a bigger project.

Among Us 2 Release Date

The cost of the end product will go up because Among Us 2 will be mostly made as a PC game, with the right assets and visual design. But the team is looking into what kinds of money-making features they might want to add, such as ads that can be removed from the mobile form.

Even so, the team has said that they think Among Us 2 will cost between $5 and $20. But people who already own the first game on Steam might get a big discount when they buy the second one.

Among Us 2 Release Date

According to reports, it took Among Us about 6 months to start their early beta and another 6 to launch the full product.

The team has already started working on Among Us 2, and they have said that the first phase of development will take as long or even more time than the first one. They have also said that it will take longer to leave early access because of all the new things it has.

At this point, we might be looking at a release in the middle of 2021, which might seem like a long way off. But since we’re talking about Among Us 2, the wait will definitely be worth it.

What Do People Say About It?

Even though the team’s blog post was exciting on its own, it caused a big stir in the community, with people rushing to fill the comments with ideas and thoughts about the next game.

From ideas for new game modes and roles to new jobs and map layouts, there are already hundreds of comments. Some are helpful, while others are a bit crazy, but most of them come from people who want to help.

The movie Among Us was a huge hit around the world. It’s even more amazing when you think about the fact that it’s not even a new game. It’s been out for more than two years, but it only recently started to get popular. We just hope that the movie lives up to the hype and that it comes out as soon as possible.

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