The 7 Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft and How to Get Them

To go on travels and adventures around the world, Minecraft offers a wide variety of tools and weapons. In that group, the bow stands out as an easy-to-make long-range tool that can be used in many ways. You can trade with the Librarian, find them in loot chests, or use the magic table to get the bow enchantment books. You can use these books to put a spell on your bow at the Anvil.

Since enchantments were added, bows can be improved in different ways to fit different play styles. In this piece, we’ll look at the best enchantments for the bow in Minecraft.

Mending, Unbreaking, and the Five Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments in 2023

1) Mending

The Mending Enchantment is all about fixing and keeping things the way they were. It uses the experience orbs you’ve gathered to fix your bow on its own. This makes it harder for you to fix your bow with the Anvil.

It’s a great way to keep your magical bow in great shape without having to fix it all the time. This enchantment can’t be made, so you can only get it from loot chests in jungle temples, strongholds, ancient towns, raid drops, fishing, or trading with a village Librarian.

2) Unbreaking

All of the tools and guns in Minecraft wear out over time because they are not very strong. This problem can be fixed by the Unbreaking spell, which makes your bow last longer. Now, you can use it for longer before you have to fix it again.

7 best Minecraft bow enchantments

Combine this enchantment with Mending to make your bow effective for raiding Bastion Remnant, Woodland Mansions, or Ancient Cities for long periods of time. There is a [100/(level + 1)]% chance that the item’s durability points will be used up. This means there is a 50, 66, or 75% chance that an item will not use any toughness.

The enchanted table, fishing, the library, or other loot chests are all places where you can get Unbreaking.

3) Flame

If you want to set mobs and other characters on fire, you need the Flame spell. With this enchantment, you can set your enemies on fire when you hit them, which does damage not only from the shot but also from the fire.

You can light campfires or anything else that can catch fire, like tree blocks, with the Flame arrow. It also sets TNT and lights on fire. So, loot will drop from any mob that dies from TNT damage caused by a flame arrow. But underwater, the Flame arrow acts like any other shot.

4) Infinity

With the Infinity enchantment, you won’t have to carry around as many extra bullets on the battlefield. When this spell is put on the bow, you can keep using it even if you only have one arrow with you.

But the charm has no effect on arrows with tips or spectral arrows, and it is used up as usual. Both Infinity and Mending can’t be used on the same bow at the same time, because they cancel each other out.

5) Power

The Power spell changes the game for archers who want to do as much damage as possible with their bows. Damage from arrows goes up by 25% (level+1) and is rounded up to the nearest half-heart.

7 best Minecraft bow enchantments

It has levels from 1 to 5, with the highest level doing up to 7.5 hearts (or 12.5 hearts if it’s a critical hit) of damage. You can easily get this enchantment by using the enchantment table, fishing, dealing with any Librarian, or opening loot chests.

6) Punch

Punch gives your arrows more speed and makes your enemies fly backward when it hits them. It helps you keep mobs or other people away, which gives you an edge in battles.

Punch can be gotten by fishing, using enchantment tables, or even from authors and expert fletchers. When a tamed wolf kills a skeleton with a Punch-enchanted bow, it can also drop the bow.

7) Curse of Vanishing

The Curse of Vanishing is a treasure enchantment that you can only get from loot chests, fishing, or trade with Librarians. Notably, if you have put the Curse of Vanishing on your bow, it will not drop when you die.

Depending on the situation, this spell has both good and bad effects. If you are playing offline or in your own world, you can never find it after death. But this enchantment is very useful in PvP fights and when playing with friends.


Minecraft offers a variety of tools and weapons, including the bow, which can be improved using enchantments. The best enchantments for the bow include Mending, Unbreaking, Flame, Infinity, Power, Punch, Curse of Vanishing, and Curse of Vanishing.

Mending enchantments fix the bow while Unbreaking enchantments make the bow last longer. Flame enchantments set enemies on fire, while Infinity enchantments reduce bullets on the battlefield. Power enchantments increase damage from arrows, while Punch gives arrows speed and a backward flying effect.

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