American Ninja Warrior Season 16: Release Date, Hosts, Format, and More

American Ninja Warrior Season 16 Release Date: American Ninja Warrior is a reality sports show where the best athletes in the country fight on the hardest obstacle courses in the world. Based on the Japanese show SASUKE, the show has been on NBC since 2009. Fans stick with the show, and it has given us some of the most famous moments in the history of sports entertainment.

But what about the next season of American Ninja Warrior, which will be the 16th? When will it be on, who will host it, and what can we expect from it? Here are some of the things we know about it so far.

American Ninja Warrior Season 16 Renewal Status

NBC has renewed American Ninja Warrior for a 16th season, according to a letter of acceptance that was leaked and shared on Reddit. The letter said that the deadline for auditions for season 16 was December 16, 2022, and that season 16 would be filmed at the same time as season 15, which is now on NBC.

This means that some of the episodes for season 16 have already been shot, and some of the contestants will be in both seasons.

American Ninja Warrior Season 16 Release Date

The exact date for season 16 of American Ninja Warrior has not been set yet. But if past seasons are any indication, we can expect it to air sometime in 2024, probably in the summer.

American Ninja Warrior Season 16 Release Date

Season 15 started on June 5, 2023, and it will end on August 14, 2023. Season 16 could start around the same time, or it could start later because of the COVID-19 outbreak or something else.

American Ninja Warrior Season 16 Hosts

The same people are likely to host season 16 of American Ninja Warrior as they did season 15. Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, and Zuri Hall are the names of the three. Since season two, the show has been hosted by Matt Iseman. Akbar Gbaja-Biamila joined him in season five.

In season 11, Zuri Hall took over for Kristine Leahy as the field reporter. The hosts talk about the contestants and their families and do interviews with them and their families.


The secret acceptance letter says that season 16 of American Ninja Warrior will be the same as season 15. There are four stages: the qualifiers, the quarterfinals, the national finals, and the power tower playoffs.

Qualifiers: There are eight episodes of qualifiers. Each episode takes place in a different area and has a different set of challenges. In each episode, the top 13 guys and the top 2 women move on to the next round.

American Ninja Warrior Season 16 Release Date

Semifinals: There are four episodes of the semifinals, and each one has two groups of contestants from two different towns. The course for the competitors is longer and tougher than the course for the qualifiers, and they also have to race head-to-head on the power tower. In each show, the top four men and the top four women move on to the national finals.

National Finals: There are four stages in the national finals, which take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are eight hurdles in the first stage that test your speed and agility. Six hurdles test your strength and stamina in the second stage. There are eight hurdles in the third stage that test your balance and coordination. In the fourth stage, you have to climb a rope, which tries your willpower and endurance. Winners of $1 million are only those who finish all four rounds before the time runs out.

Power Tower Playoffs: The top eight men and top eight women from the national finals compete in the new power tower playoffs in seasons 15 and 16. They fight in a tournament with one winner on the power tower, which is a tall structure with obstacles on different levels. The winner of the playoffs for the power tower gets an extra $100,000.

While waiting for the premiere of American Ninja Warrior season 16, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are Ghost Season 5 and Chuck Season 6.


The 16th season of the popular sports competition show American Ninja Warrior is going to be a lot of fun and hard work. Fans will see some known faces and some new ones as they try to get through the world’s hardest obstacle courses. As we wait for more information about season 16, we can watch season 15 every Sunday at 9/8c on NBC.

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