Far Cry 6 Lost Between Worlds Review: Dani’s Swansong Has a Lot to Be Desired

When I first heard about Lost Between Worlds, the Far Cry 6 Year 2 DLC with aliens and different worlds, I was pretty interested. Whether it’s Dawn of Ragnarok for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Operation Motherland for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the second year of post-launch content for recent Ubisoft games has been a lot of fun. But that was not the case here.

Lost Between Worlds tries to be a lot of things it’s not, and somewhere along the way, it loses what makes it a Far Cry game. The update keeps the rogue-like gameplay loop from the previous games, but instead of the usual open-world action-RPG path, it takes the form of an action platformer.

I had mixed feelings about the expansion, and I came to the conclusion that, like its name, it is somewhere “lost between worlds.”

Far Cry 6 Lost Between Worlds Review: Dani’s Swansong Has a Lot to Be Desired

The Far Cry series isn’t the first to do something weird and out of the ordinary. Instead, one could say that these kinds of ideas are what makes the brand so good. The series has always tried new things, whether it was fighting giant mechanical dragons in the neon-lit Blood Dragon or fighting Yetis in the mountains.

Lost Between Worlds wasn’t as big as some of the other additions, which made me sad at first. Still, I liked the short time I spent with the closing chapter once I gave it a chance and realized what it was.

Dani and Fai Are a Human and an Alien Who Work Together to Help Each Other Survive

The earlier Far Cry 6 expansions, Vaas: Insanity, Pagan: Control, and Joseph: Collapse, did a great job of exploring the stories and personalities of the series’ previous bad guys. This gave their actions a new dimension and new meaning.

They were more than just a new rogue-like loop with new weapons and a map; they were a study of the characters wrapped in a clever story. Lost Between Worlds tries to capture that magic by looking more closely at Far Cry 6’s main character, Dani Rojas.

Far Cry 6 Lost Between Worlds Review

In my review of the game, I talked about how I thought Dani was a great main character, but that the other characters were boring. The game does a great job of showing her struggle between leaving for the American Dream or staying to fight for her own country. This makes her one of my favorite Far Cry characters.

So, I was very curious to play Lost Between Worlds and find out more about Dani.

Fai, a no-nonsense “superior non-carbon-based lifeform” who meets Dani when their ship crashes into Yara, is a new character in the update.

Dani doesn’t want to be stuck with Fai for five million years, so she chooses to travel across the broken rifts and find the five pieces of Fai’s ship so she can fix it.

The short campaign’s story is mostly about what they say to each other. Dani tells Fai about humanity, and Fai asks questions about herself. Fai decides that people aren’t as useless after all because of what the other person found out.

It seems like a different approach at first, but it soon gets boring because Dani once again doesn’t have any good secondary characters. After five hours of playing, I was a little bit let down, especially when I thought about the main campaign and the earlier expansions.

Lost Between Two Wonderful Worlds (Environmental Design)

World planning has always been one of Far Cry’s strong points, and the Lost Between Worlds expansion is no different. Compared to the open worlds of earlier games, this level is very straight. But this structure let the developers try out different level ideas, each of which was different in its own way.

There are a total of 15 rift worlds, not counting the Encasement, which is the starting point for Dani’s journeys through the different rifts. All of the worlds, from the Fractured Fortress, where Dani starts her journey, to the Sunken Esperanza and the Toxic Wasteland, have different designs that have been messed up by the rift crystals.

Far Cry 6 Lost Between Worlds Review

Fai tells Dani in the first world of Fractured Fortress that she has to choose her own road because one rift can lead to more than one. This builds on the rogue-like gameplay loops that were added in earlier expansions. If an enemy beats her, she could lose all of her progress and have to start over at the Encasement.

Even though I missed the base game’s huge open world, the straight platformer worlds, each with its own design, felt very interesting and, in their own way, very Far Cry.

What Will You Choose, the Red Pill or the Blue Pill? (Gameplay)

Lost Between Worlds has the familiar rogue-like gameplay, where Dani has to start over if she loses a fight, but it also adds some interesting new ways to use guns.

In the rifts, there are two kinds of enemies. One has red diamonds and the other has blue ones. With the new rules, you’ll be able to hurt and kill enemies by shooting them with bullets of the same color.

Even though this may seem like a small thing, it adds another layer to the gunplay because the player has to choose which gun to use. In a title shootout, they have to decide which enemy to shoot first. This is a very important choice.

Even though it seems like a small change, the new gunplay feature is interesting in its own way. Far Cry 6’s tight, fun gunplay is still in The Lost Between World. Even though it doesn’t have the guerilla customization of a can and a broken spyglass strapped on, it still has the carried armory.

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