My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2 Release Date: Is There an Official Trailer for the Show?

My Id is Gangnam Beauty Season 2: Following the conclusion of the first season of the South Korean drama “My ID is Gangnam Beauty,” viewers were left wanting more of the show’s relatable storyline and compelling messages. This 2018 drama does an excellent job of exploring themes of external beauty standards, self-acceptance, and discovering one’s own inner beauty.

Fans all over the world are waiting with bated breath for confirmation that the show will return for a second season, after hearing rumors of a possible renewal.

This article will discuss the likelihood of a second season of “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” and what fans can hope to see in the long-awaited follow-up.

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2 Release Date

Released on July 27, 2018, in South Korea, this is a romantic comedy series. It premiered on JTBC every Friday and Saturday. The series gained a global following. Season one consisted of ten episodes, each of which ran for 60 minutes. Fans loved it and the show was given a 7.5/10 rating on IMDB, so naturally they’re eagerly awaiting season two.

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My Id is Gangnam Beauty Season 2

There has been no recent confirmation of when Season 2 will be available. After gaining a great response and popularity from the spectators, creators can flash the green flag to its second season.

In late 2023, we can anticipate hearing good news from the developers. In the meantime, stay tuned, and be assured that this post will be updated as soon as we learn more about when you can expect to see My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2.

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2 Expected Cast

The series stars a slew of talented actors and actresses, including Im Soo-Hyang, who plays Kang Mi-rae, a once-ugly girl who becomes the show’s protagonist.

She’s decided to get plastic surgery to fix her unattractive features. She was a kind, naive girl who many guys in school had a crush on. She had a crush on her best buddy from junior high, Kyung-Seok. And she resolved to spend her life in the perfume industry.

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Do Kyung-seok, played by Cha Eun-woo, is a gorgeous college student who is always there for Mi-rae. Because of issues at home, he was miserable.

He was a brilliant but reticent young man before meeting Mi-rae, and she completely transformed him. He has feelings for Mi-rae and makes an effort to please her.

My Id is Gangnam Beauty Season 2

Hyun Soo-ah, played by Jo Woo-ri, is a stunning beauty. However, she is a pretender who is perpetually envious of Mi-rae and actively works to disrupt her life. Kyung-Seok was the love of her life, and she desperately sought any opportunity to be near him.

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2 Story

It is reasonable to assume that the first season of the series will come after the conclusion of the second season. We may anticipate that by the end of season 2, the ties between Kyung-Seok and his family will have returned to normal and that Mi-rae and Kyung-Seok will have begun dating. The first season is available to watch on Netflix.

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Is There an Official Trailer for the Show?

Despite the enormous success of the show, the Korean drama has not been updated in any way, and there is no official trailer available.

If you are someone who is curious about the second season, I’m sorry to say that nothing regarding it has been verified as of yet.

I will let you know if there is anything that could be of use to you. Watch the official trailer for the first season, and have fun passing the time till then.


“My ID is Gangnam Beauty” moved many listeners with its profound examination of self-esteem, acceptance, and the definition of genuine beauty.

The potential for additional character development, new plotlines, and timely societal themes has captivated audiences worldwide as they anticipate Season 2.

If the creators are able to maintain the show’s authenticity and emotional depth, Season 2 of “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” could remind viewers of the importance of self-love and acceptance in a world preoccupied with appearances.

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