What Happened to Tater Tot? The Shocking Truth Behind The Viral TikTok Kitty Absence

What Happened to Tater Tot? Tater Tot was a cute cat who became a social media star, just like Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. Tater Tot was a kitten with special needs. He was born with a bad cleft palate and malformations in all four legs. He was known for his messy hair and colorful casts.

His foster mom, Ash Houghton, is a co-director of a rescue group in Salt Lake City called Kitty CrusAIDe. In June 2023, she started posting videos of him on the rescue’s TikTok account (@kittycrusaide) to help bring attention to animals with different bodies. People were crazy about the little guy who looked like a potato.

But Tater Tot died out of the blue in August 2023. “We will miss this spunky potato,” Ash wrote next to a film about his life. When Tater Tot fans heard the news, it was easy to see why they were upset. “I’m literally crying,” one person wrote.

“Thank you so much for giving him to me,” said someone else. He won’t really die. We will always love him.”

So, what happened to Tater Tot? We’ll tell you more below.

What Happened to Tater Tot?

Ash wrote more about Tater Tot’s sad death in a Facebook post. She said that he died while she was holding him in her hands.

It’s not clear what caused his death, but she says that he suddenly got very sick and was being treated for pneumonia when he died.

“His energy had been slowly going down for about a week, and we hoped it was a sickness that antibiotics could cure. He also started to show signs of pneumonia a few days ago, so I gave him medicine and a nebulizer as part of the pneumonia procedure,” she wrote.

What Happened to Tater Tot?

Ash said that he might have had a heart problem as well, but the vet couldn’t test him because he was too small. “I really think he had an enlarged heart, and it just couldn’t keep up with him,” she wrote. “One minute he was walking around, and the next he was gone.”

Ash kept making money off of Tater Tot’s popularity.

“I hope that his courage in the short time he was here will keep inspiring people. He had a lot of health problems, but that didn’t stop him from getting things done. “He showed us that there is always something to fight for, even when things are hard,” she wrote.

Ash asked his fans to give to their local shelter in his name because he had died. “Please help his life continue to have an effect on other animals,” she asked.

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Tater Tot, a kitten with special needs, became a social media star. Foster mom Ash Houghton, co-director of Kitty CrusAIDe, posted videos of him on the rescue’s TikTok account. Tater Tot died unexpectedly in August 2023, and his death was not clear. He was treated for pneumonia and possibly had an enlarged heart. Ash made money off of Tater Tot’s popularity, hoping his courage would inspire others. Fans are encouraged to donate to their local shelter in his name.

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