Brianna ChickenFry Dating History: Who is Brianna ChickenFry Currently Dating?

Brianna Chickenfry Dating: Brianna Chickenfry is one of the most talked-about names on social media. Her mysterious persona and unusual posts have garnered a considerable following.

Her dating life fascinates fans and the press despite her success in other areas. In this essay, we’ll analyze Brianna Chickenfry’s dating rumors and discuss the difficulties of maintaining a private life while in the public eye.

Who is Brianna Chickenfry?

TikTok influencer Brianna Chickenfry is Brianna LaPaglia. Her dating, partying, and hangover videos made her famous. Her humorous TikTok content made Massachusetts’ Brianna popular.

Brianna’s TikTok videos surprised Barstool Sports. Her viral content attracted the company. Barstool Sports called after witnessing her standup.

Videos got her a full-time job. Brianna’s Barstool Sports podcast is PlanBri Uncut. This podcast frankly discusses her early 20s partying, relationships, friendships, and more. She became famous for her podcast.

Brianna writes PlanBri for Barstool Sports. Barstools designed “hungover” apparel and accessories for her happy work style.

Who is Brianna ChickenFry Currently Dating?

There is currently no specific information available regarding Brianna Chickenfry’s current romantic situation that can be found. There have been rumors going about that around the beginning of the year 2023, Brianna may have been in a relationship with a man named Joey. Brianna has never confirmed or denied these rumors.

Brianna ChickenFry Currently Dating

In the past, Brianna was romantically involved with Nik Pelligrino, who was a famous basketball player in the year 2018. They started dating after they became friends, however their relationship did not last very long and they broke up after only a few short months of being together.

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On her podcast, Brianna gave an open and honest account of their separation, revealing that they tried to make things work between them but were ultimately unsuccessful. After her relationship with Nik ended, Brianna made the decision to focus solely on her career as a social media influencer and content producer. She has not dated anybody else since then.

Brianna Chickenfry and Joey May Not Be Together Anymore

Chicken Fry was rumored to have broken up with Joey after a TikTok video showed her with another man. Her recent TikTok video shows her drunkenly flipping in a pool and trash-talking her new beau. After seeing her alone, fans questioned her relationship. TikTok celebrity, model, and BFF podcaster Brianna Chickenfry is famous. She’s caught cheating in a pool.

Her drunken pool backflip with another man went viral. Since he wasn’t her partner, fans asked who he was after the TikTok became viral. She hasn’t addressed cheating or video. Briana Chickenfry may have left Joey. ChickenFry was rumored to have broken up with Joey after a TikTok video showed her with another man.

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Her recent TikTok video shows her drunkenly flipping in a pool and trash-talking her new beau. After seeing her alone, fans questioned her relationship.

Brianna and her boyfriend Joey enjoy chicken fries. Joey and Brianna eat chickenfry. IG picture. Some of her admirers may be concerned about her and her partner’s lack of fresh images in over 40 weeks.

She alone can tell us if she and her boyfriend are still together if they broke up, and who her new boyfriend is. She may still be seeing him, but the deleted TikTok has made her fans skeptical.

Brianna Chickenfry Dating History

Joey, whose true name is unknown and who is not a social media star, was dating Brianna Chickenfry at one point. Joey is not a social media star. They did nothing more than post some adorable images of themselves to Instagram; she has not commented on him at all.

Brianna ChickenFry Currently Dating

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ChickenFry had a past relationship with NFL football player Nik Pelligrino before she started dating Joey. After a period of dating, the couple came to the conclusion that continuing their relationship would be detrimental to both of their mental health and made the decision to break off their engagement.

She hasn’t divulged a lot of information about her new partner because, outside of her relationship with Pelligrino, she hasn’t been in a public relationship with anybody else.


Brianna Chickenfry’s dating life is fascinating because of her notoriety and influence. Despite the rumors and conjecture about her relationships, respect her privacy and recognize the difficulties of keeping personal boundaries in the public glare.

While we love her fascinating material and hilarious brilliance, let us remember that behind the screen is a person who deserves empathy, support, and the opportunity to handle her dating life on her own terms.

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