Where is Dawn Lavender Now? Is She Finally Getting Out of Jail?

Where is Dawn Lavender Now? This wasn’t just a mistake; it was a planned murder case. How can a man think of killing his wife after getting married to her twice? This murder case is by far the most troubling in Hale County, Alabama. We’ve been told about the Mayfield family once more.

A mother of three was shot and killed, and it took four long years before the two people who did it were charged with murder. This brings us to Kimberly Binion, better known as Dawn Lavender, who is known for killing people.

Scott tried to make this murder go as easily as possible, from giving the victim too much medicine to giving the gun to a coworker at the end. But, as the saying goes, no one can deny the truth in the end.

Yes, justice was delayed at first because there wasn’t enough proof. But they have finally solved the murder riddle from 2007. So, because people asked, here is everything you need to know about this murder case and Dawn Lavender.

Where is Dawn Lavender Now? Is She Finally Getting Out of Jail?

After trying to figure out who killed Dawn Lavender for four years, someone finally admitted to seeing her near the dirt track. This really turned the secret case on its head. It was a big break for the police. Hale County is not very big, so it was easy for the witness to figure out the name of this strange woman. Everyone was shocked when it turned out to be Dawn Lavender.

Further investigation showed that this person was trying to find a way to kill a rattlesnake, which is how he met Dawn. Interestingly, Dawn had also given this person a handgun! Dawn was called to the police station again, and this time, none of her reasons were good enough.

Where is Dawn Lavender Now?


She couldn’t lie because her call logs showed everything. Dawn Lavender’s cell phone was working at the scene of the death of Teresa Mayfield.

She tried at first to deny everything that was said about her, but she was taken to prison anyway. The police chose to put a secret digital recorder in Dawn’s prison cell because she wouldn’t accept what she had done. As the police had guessed, she did tell her cellmate what she had done, so the murder mystery was solved.

The answer you’ve all been waiting for is that she is still living and is currently finishing her time in prison. Dawn Lavender is currently in prison in Wetumpka, Alabama. She is in the Julia Tutwiler Prison.

Why Did Dawn Lavender and Scott Mayfield Kill Teresa Mayfield?

This is by far the most common question. Some say she did it for money, while others are very skeptical about her motives. Scott, Teresa’s husband, was done with being married. He was seeing someone else outside.

He didn’t want to go through the divorce process again, and that was clear. Also, they had three children together, but he wasn’t very fond of them either. From the start, the friendship between the two people was on-and-off. This is pretty much the whole story of why Scott wanted to kill his wife.

Where is Dawn Lavender Now?

But Dawn Lavender did not say why she did what she did. Scott used to work with her, and at first, he paid Scott to kill Teresa. In exchange, Scott offered to give her $20,000 altogether. We could say she did it for a lot of money. But again, no one ever found out why she needed so much money. On the other hand, some people have also said that Dawn Lavender wasn’t normal.

Was It a Big Mistake for Teresa to Marry Scott a Second Time?

A lot of people were shocked by this murder case. In the end, the person who was hurt did get what was right. But once more, we can’t forget that Teresa could have avoided dying. The worst mistake she ever made was getting married to Scott a second time. But she did it because she loved her kids and wanted her family to be together.

She did know she was in danger before she died. But she chose to ignore all of them. Despite that, Scott was able to kill his wife in the end. That’s all for now. If you want to know more about other great murder mysteries, you can stay in touch with us right here.

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Dawn Lavender, known for killing people, was the suspect in a planned murder case in Hale County, Alabama. The woman was shot and killed after getting married twice. The murder took four years, and Dawn Lavender was eventually found dead. The case was initially delayed due to insufficient proof, but justice was finally solved in 2007.

Dawn Lavender is currently in Wetumpka, Alabama, in the Julia Tutwiler Prison. The motives for the murder remain unclear, but some speculate that it was a mistake for Teresa to marry Scott again.

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