Is Vinnie Hacker Gay? The TikTok Star Clears the Air on His Sexuality

Is Vinnie Hacker Gay? Vinnie Hacker is an American who is famous on the internet. He first became well-known in 2020 when he showed off his tattooed body on the app TikTok. He is part of a group of people called “The Hype House.”

He is an “entrepreneur” because he has his own product line, game streams, and a lot of other businesses. He is both a model for SMG Entertainment and a fighter who trains on his own.

People are curious about the fashion model’s personal life and sexuality because he posts almost every day on his social media accounts and hides his dating life from the public, even though he is very handsome and loved by almost all of his TikTok fans.

So, is Vinnie Hacker gay? Or do these stories have no truth to them? Let’s just get to the point and read the story to find out the truth about TikToker’s sexuality.

Who is Vinnie Hacker?

Hacker is an American TikToker, Twitch streamer, and model who is also known by the name vhackerr.

Vinnie posts many different kinds of videos like lip-syncs, thirst traps, and vlogs. He has also talked a lot about how his mind is doing. He used to work for Sway Gaming, which was a spinoff of Sway House, but he has since left.

In November 2020, the “TikTok Room Awards” named Vinnie “Best TikToker.” He was in the Netflix show The Hype House came out in 2022.

Is Vinnie Hacker Gay?

Vinnie Hacker is not gay, that is a no. People have made assumptions about TikToker’s sexuality, but it is important to note that he has never said that he is gay.

Is Vinnie Hacker Gay?

Megan Pormer asked him if his sexuality had anything to do with how popular he became on TikTok. He said, “Yeah, probably.” This brought up the question of his sexuality.

But this answer could have been taken in different ways, and it’s important to remember that he may have meant it differently than what people thought. When asked about how comfortable he is with his sexuality in a follow-up question, Vinnie Hacker said with confidence that he is very fine with it.

He said this was because his friends and family were always there for him growing up. Their love and support have helped him feel good about who he is for his whole life. Also, a TikTok video with Vinnie and Jordan Huxhold went viral. In it, they were shown in a setting that looked like they were almost kissing.

This popular moment made people wonder even more about his sexuality. But it’s important to remember that movies on social media may not always show someone’s true orientation or goals.

Even though the viral video may have sparked interest, it is important to note that most of Vinnie Hacker’s relationships have been with women, and there is no record of him dating a guy.

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Are Olivia Rodrigo and Vinnie Hacker in a Relationship?

In May 2022, Vinnie was seen at Olivia’s show in Los Angeles, which made people think that the two were dating. The main character from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

At the time, E! News got a picture of her giving what looked like an unfriendly hug to someone before getting into a car and driving away.

Is Vinnie Hacker Gay?

In the pictures, Olivia was wearing a black leather skirt and a white tank top. Vinnie was wearing a white T-shirt and pants. Before pulling away, it looked like they talked for a short time.

When the pictures went viral online, fans asked right away if the two were more than just friends. Olivia hasn’t said anything about the reports, but in a TikTok comment, Vinnie seemed to talk about them.

When the influencer shared a video about his relationships, a fan asked, “Olivia?” Vinnie quickly said, “No,” and added a crying face emoji.

Who Is Vinnie Hacker Dating Now?

Vinnie Hacker likes to keep his dating life a secret, but he once told Harry Jowsey’s podcast “Tap In” that he is quietly dating a girl who is not a social media creator or influencer.

Other than that, Vinnie Hacker’s love life has been talked about. One story about him that stood out was that he was dating Faith Ordway. When they shared a TikTok in November 2020, people started to say they were dating. Later, they made it clear that they are just good friends.

Along with the Faith Ordway rumors, there were also claims that Vinnie was dating Renata Ri, who was also a member of “The Hype House.” Once again, though, the rumors were proven wrong, and they made it clear that they were just friends. Then, the idea spread that Vinnie and Nikita Dragun seemed to be dating.

In April 2021, their names were linked because Nikita had posted several pictures of her and Vinnie on Instagram. Vinnie was quick to say, however, that they were just friends and not dating.


Vinnie Hacker, an American TikToker, Twitch streamer, and model, gained fame in 2020 for his tattooed body on TikTok. He is part of the “The Hype House” group and has a product line, game streams, and other businesses.

Hacker has never publicly stated his sexuality, but he has admitted to feeling comfortable with his sexuality due to his love and support. He has also been linked to rumors of dating Faith Ordway, Renata Ri, and Nikita Dragun.

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