Is Nurse John Gay? Tiktok Became a Lifeline for Me When Nursing Burned Me Out

Is Nurse John Gay? Registered nurse Nurse John works in the emergency room on the South Shore of Montreal. JC Dela Cruz, who is also known as Nurse John, was born in the Philippines. But he is living in Canada at the time. He has a lot of fans because he makes movies from the point of view of real nurses. He has 5.2 million followers on TikTok, and 305.2 million people watch his videos.

On Instagram, 1.4 million people follow him. He keeps making news, and he keeps breaking all of his records. But all of this fame didn’t happen all at once. When he first started working as a nurse, he had to go through a lot of pain and trouble. During the pandemic, he gave his valuable time and work to the patients. More about Nurse John’s life is given below.

People are now more interested in his life in general and his sexuality in particular. So, is Nurse John a lesbian? Or do these stories have no truth to them? Let’s get right to the point and read the story to find out the truth about the TikTok star’s sexuality.

Who is Nurse John?

Nurse John is a well-known TikTok creator who makes funny movies about what it’s like to be a nurse. His real name is John Dela Cruz, and he works as a nurse in the emergency room of a hospital in Montreal. During the Covid pandemic, he saw a video on TikTok that asked people to post about underpaid jobs. This is what got him started on the app.

Is Nurse John Gay?

He made a short movie, which quickly went viral. Now, 5.2 million people follow him, and 305.2 million people like his funny movies about patients and nurses. He says that comedy helps him deal with stress and brings attention to the problems that nurses face. He also has a podcast called “I Beg Your Pardon,” where he talks about his personal and work life.

Is Nurse John Gay?

Nurse John is not gay, that’s a no. Since the beginning of Nurse John’s online job, people have been talking about what they think he is. People have thought that all male nurses are gay because of unfair stereotypes. But it’s important to remember that labels don’t show who a person is.

In fact, in an interview with McLean’s, he talked about how much he loves nursing and said that it was his biggest interest. He said, “I still love nursing the most.” John has never talked about his sexuality in public, so it’s not fair to make assumptions about him based on what you already think.

If someone doesn’t want to be defined by their sexual orientation, it shouldn’t be assumed or used to do so. It’s important to protect John’s privacy and treat him with the same dignity and respect we would anyone else.

Who’s Nurse John Dating?

So far, it doesn’t look like Nurse John is dating anyone in public. He has decided to keep this part of his life a secret. Even after scrolling through his social media accounts, there were no hints or signs about a partner.

Is Nurse John Gay?

It’s clear that he cares about his privacy and doesn’t want to talk about this part of his life right now. It’s important to accept his choice and realize that everyone has the right to keep some things about their lives private.

Many famous people have been caught in the spotlights of their rivals this year. Issa Schultz, Weston Koury, and many more famous people are represented here. But we have already answered all questions that fans had through our posts. We hope this answers your question about whether or not Moon Nurse John is gay.

Tiktok Became a Lifeline for Me When Nursing Burned Me Out tells the story of Canadian nurse John Dela Cruz, who went viral on TikTok during the Covid pandemic. Dela Cruz works in an emergency room in Quebec. To deal with stress and exhaustion, she started making funny videos about the difficulties and realities of being a nurse.

He posted his first video by mistake, and it went viral the next day because it showed his badge as an RN. He then kept posting videos that made fun of situations between patients and nurses, like crying in the bathroom or having to deal with rude patients. He now has millions of fans and likes on his videos, and he says that he uses comedy as therapy and to promote his job.


Nurse John Dela Cruz, born in the Philippines, is a Canadian nurse who gained fame on TikTok for creating funny movies about the challenges of being a nurse. With 5.2 million followers on TikTok and 305.2 million views on his videos, he has become a household name.

Dela Cruz, who works in an emergency room in Montreal, has never discussed his sexuality publicly, stating that labels don’t reveal a person’s true identity. He has kept his sexuality a secret and has millions of fans and likes on his social media accounts.

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