Lisa Guerrero Dating: Meet Lisa Guerrero New Boyfriend David!

Lisa Guerrero Dating: As a daring investigative reporter, actor, and sports anchor, Lisa Guerrero has made a reputation for herself in the media industry.

Her followers have been fascinated by her private life despite her professional accomplishments. Lisa has always been a mystery when it comes to her dating life, despite her compelling nature and ever-present charm.

In this essay, we explore the intriguing world of Lisa Guerrero’s romantic relationships, illuminating some of the many facets that make her diverse personality so appealing.

Who is Lisa Guerrero?

Lisa Guerrero is a person with many skills and accomplishments who has made a name for herself in many different areas. She was born on April 9, 1964, in the United States. She is a reporter, actress, and sportscaster.

As an investigative reporter on the TV show “Inside Edition,” Guerrero shows how good a journalist she is by finding and reporting on interesting stories without fear.

Lisa has also shown off her playing skills in both movies and TV shows, which shows how versatile she is and how much she cares about her work.

Lisa Guerrero Dating

She has also been a well-known figure in sports broadcasting, where she has covered big events and worked for a number of sports networks.

Lisa Guerrero’s wide range of skills, along with her passion and charisma, have won her a place in the public eye and the respect of both fans and coworkers.

Lisa Guerrero Dating/Boyfriend

Has Lisa engaged in any romantic endeavors since the end of her marriage to Scott Ericson? It would appear that the well-known news anchor has found love again.

Frank Shamrock, a former champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship who is now retired, is Lisa’s current boyfriend. It would appear that they have only recently begun dating, and they are not yet prepared to make their relationship public.

Both of them show support for each other’s endeavors on social media, but there is no indication that they are romantically involved in front of other people.

Now, there is a really straightforward explanation for why we have this assumption that Lisa and Frank are dating.

Christmas in the year 2020 was celebrated by Lisa, Frank, and Frank’s daughter Nicolette. Similar to Lisa, Frank has had a previous marriage. Amy Shamrock is the name of his ex-wife. 2019 marked the beginning of Frank and Amy’s divorce.

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A son is the product of the former UFC champion’s first marriage, which took place before he married Amy. Frankie Shamrock is the name of this man’s son.

On the other hand, it appears like Lisa and Frank have already ended their relationship. Why?

Because it looks like Lisa is dating someone fresh.

Lisa’s New Boyfriend David

It would appear that Lisa and her lover, the retired martial artist Frank Shamrock, have already decided to discontinue their relationship.

Lisa has recently started dating a new man, one who remains completely anonymous. He goes by the name David.

Lisa Guerrero Dating

The birthday celebration for David took place in Palm Springs, where the happy couple also celebrated some quality intimate time together.

This is how the couple appears when they are together. As of right now, Lisa has not disclosed any intentions she has toward getting married.

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What Happened to Lisa Guerrero?

Guerrero, who is now an investigative correspondent for the nationally syndicated newsmagazine Inside Edition, shared one of the most painful moments in her new memoir Warrior.

The book reflects on the former model’s only year in sports journalism with ABC from twenty years ago after taking over for Melissa Stark. Guerrero took over for Stark after Stark left ABC to pursue a career in modeling.

Lisa Guerrero Social Media Accounts

What Can Fans Expect From Lisa Guerrero in the Future?

Fans can anticipate that Lisa Guerrero will continue to flourish in her work in journalism, acting, and sports broadcasting.

Additionally, when the moment is appropriate, she may opt to share glimpses of her romantic life with the rest of the world.


In the fields of both show business and journalism, Lisa Guerrero has established herself as a remarkable talent.
She doesn’t talk much about her personal life, but many people look up to her for her commitment to her work and her advocacy for meaningful issues.
Lisa continues to be an example to budding journalists and those who want to make a difference in their areas as she continues to captivate audiences with her charisma and investigative prowess.

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