Ben Napier’s Amazing Transformation: The Secrets Behind His Weight Loss Journey

Ben Napier Weight Loss: Ben Napier has worked very hard to lose weight. The 39-year-old host of “Home Town” has been posting about his health and fitness journey on social media, and his 37-year-old wife, Erin, has said how happy she is of him and the progress he’s made.

Ben has shown off his new, smaller body on his and his wife’s social media pages since he lost some weight. Learn more about Ben and his journey to lose weight here!

Ben Napier Before His Weight Loss Journey

Most of Ben’s fans know him from his role on the HGTV show Home Town. In the show, he and his wife fix up old homes in Laurel, Mississippi’s historic neighborhood.

The show has been very popular, and Home Town: Takeover and Home Town: Ben’s Workshop are both offshoots of it. Ben and Erin also own the shop Laurel Mercantile with each other.

Ben Napier Weight Loss:

According to his HGTV bio, he is also the owner of Scotsman Co. They also wrote a book together called Make Something Good Today.

Ben Napier After His Weight Loss Journey

Fans have noticed that the Home Town host has lost weight in his recent Instagram posts, such as family pictures where he looks thinner. “What’s wrong with Ben? One fan wrote under a picture of the two HGTV hosts wearing similar Chris Stapleton t-shirts, “Who is that skinny guy?”

Erin has posted a lot of pictures and videos about how great her husband looks. In a video from July 17, 2023, she praised him for being “hardcore” about losing weight.

Ben Napier Weight Loss:

Ben was wearing a suit in the video clip, and she wrote “mission accomplished” on the board as she talked about his fitness journey. She has also shared photos from March 2023 of him working on wood without a shirt on.

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Why Did Ben Decide To Lose Weight?

Ben chose to work out more because it was good for his health. Erin said in the video where she praised him for losing weight that the reason he did it was because he was going to have shoulder surgery soon. “Ben got serious about his health and fitness last winter before his big shoulder surgery in March, so he could sleep better on his back and lower his blood pressure,” she wrote.

People say that Ben’s health journey has been shown in the movie Home Town. In a February 2018 Instagram post, he also talked about why he was trying to get in better shape. “I come from a long line of big men who don’t really talk about their health until it’s a problem,” he wrote, saying that his dad had to have emergency bypass surgery.

He said that his five-year-old daughter Helen and his two-year-old daughter Mae were a big reason why he wanted to lose weight. “I’ve tried to eat well and work out, but it didn’t seem real until I held this blue-eyed girl in my arms.

She’s part Erin and part me, and she’s a lot more than I deserve. I never want to leave her side, so taking care of my heart has to be one of my top priorities,” he wrote on Instagram.


Ben Napier, the 39-year-old host of “Home Town,” has been sharing his health and fitness journey on social media. He and his wife, Erin, have been praised for their hard work and progress.

Ben chose to lose weight due to his health concerns, including shoulder surgery and his family. Erin also mentioned that his family’s health was a big reason for his weight loss.

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