Was King Von Gay? The Rapper Calls Himself Gay!

Was King Von Gay? A man from Chicago recently said that he makes money off of King Von’s painting. Named Tae Marlon, has caught the attention of people on social media. A Facebook request showed that he was showing guests his mural in Chicago.

Even though the reports haven’t turned out to be true, people on social media have already questioned Tae’s motives. King Von was an American rapper who died young, at the age of 26, for those who don’t know. He was shot and killed, which was a shock, and he was charged with several crimes. Also, his manager stated that he would work on a project after he died called Grandson.

It is one of the King Von’s newest songs. It came out on July 14, 2023. Well, the rapper caused a lot of trouble on the internet. And recently, a film about his sexuality is going viral on social media that shows him. This is why internet users are now interested in King Von Gay rumors.

Was King Von Gay? The Rapper Calls Himself Gay!

King Von, a Chicago rapper, has been dead for almost three years. But even after so many years, people still love to hear him play. People knew about his court problems and personal life because the 26-year-old could hardly stay out of the news. Before he died, the rapper was arrested many times.

It wasn’t just once or twice. A short clip is going viral on social media right now, and it’s making people talk about King Von Gay. In the video, cops are seen putting King Von in jail. In 2017, the artist was being held in jail at that time.

The singer from the band Crazy Story asked the cops to keep him safe because he is gay. At the beginning of the clip, Von asks his cellmates about their religion. The artist said that the other inmates don’t like the gay community.

Was King Von Gay?

King Von thought they were Christians, but he said they had problems with gay people, according to what he said. Also, he said he was gay so that he could be kept safe in the cell. But at the time, cops thought it was a planned move. But it cleared up some of King Von Gay’s ideas.

In the present, the clip has started a discussion on social media. A large number of people are shocked that King Von says he is gay. Some people, on the other hand, have posted a lot of negative comments on social media.

Also, many people say that the video shouldn’t be made public and that King Von should be left alone to rest. Still, it’s not clear why the clip was shared now and why it took so long. But this seems to show that, even though King Von has been dead for three years, people still think about him.

Who was King Von’s Partner?

After he died, people were very interested in who King Von had been with. They wondered if he was going out with someone. Well, the story says that the last person he was seen with was an Asian doll. The two people had been together since 2018, but in August 2020, they were said to have broken up.

There were rumors that the rapper might have been unfaithful to her. But by October 2020, it looked like they were back together, and their relationship seemed to be stable. Not only that, but the couple also shared a few pictures of themselves cuddling on social media.

Was King Von Gay?

So, it put King Von Gay’s claims into question. But King Von said in one of his Instagram stories that he was single. People also thought that he was single at the time of his death.

Asian Doll is an American rapper. Her real name was Misharron Jermeisha Allen when she was younger. But after Von died, she became sad and couldn’t do much.

They were together and apart a lot. Misharron has even gotten five tattoos that are all about King Von. Asian Doll has also been arrested and had other problems with the law in the past.

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Why Was King Von Arrested?

As we’ve already said, King Von had been caught more than once. The Crazy Story singer, whose real name was Dayvon Daquan Bennett, was caught in 2012 for illegally having a gun. Two years later, Bennett was asked to answer questions about the death of Gakirah K.I., who was 17.

But he was not charged with anything. On July 24, 2014, King Von was arrested for the second time. It was said that he had something to do with a shooting that killed two guys. The cops charged him with trying to kill someone because of this.

Again, King Von was arrested because he was linked to a shooting in Atlanta. He and Lil Durk were both arrested in 2019 on these charges, and they both spent a few months in jail. Later, they were all set free with different ties.


A man from Chicago, Tae Marlon, has claimed to make money off King Von’s painting, despite the claims being untrue. King Von, an American rapper, died young at the age of 26 and was charged with several crimes. He was also involved in a project called Grandson after his death.

King Von’s death has caused controversy on social media, with a short clip going viral on social media revealing him as gay. After his death, people were curious about his relationship with an Asian doll, who had been with him since 2018.

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