Anthony Padilla Dating: Is Anthony Padilla and Mykie Still Together?

Anthony Padilla Dating: Anthony Padilla, a popular YouTuber known for his humorous videos and smart comments, has amassed a large following.

Since he has millions of subscribers and a successful job, his followers are bound to be interested in hearing about his romantic exploits.

In this article, we take a look at Anthony Padilla’s dating life, including his past relationships and the people he’s seeing right now.

Who is Anthony Padilla?

Anthony Padilla is a well-known and influential person who has made an impact in many areas. He became well-known as one of the co-creators of the popular YouTube channel Smosh, which had skits and acts that made people laugh.

Anthony’s fame went through the roof because of how charming he was and how funny he was by nature. But in 2017 he quit Smosh to work on his own artistic projects. Anthony’s success as a creator has only grown since then.

He now has his own YouTube page where he talks about issues like mental health, social justice, and self-improvement, among many others.

anthony padilla dating

Anthony’s videos and online character have made him a voice for being yourself and for encouraging others to do the same. Anthony Padilla has become well-known and an example to many people because of how real and down-to-earth he is. He uses this to his advantage.

Anthony Padilla’s Dating History

In his time as a public figure on YouTube, Anthony Padilla has dated a number of prominent people. On October 10, 2010, he met and began dating fellow YouTube star Kalel Cullen for the first time.

Unfortunately, after less than three years together, their romance failed and they split up on June 29, 2013. After then, Anthony started seeing his present girlfriend Mykie, and they’ve been together ever since, happily in a committed relationship.

Anthony should also be mentioned to have previously dated a person named Chase. Anthony’s personal life has gone through its share of ups and downs, but he’s never been secretive about his struggles, which has helped his audience connect with him on a deeper level.

Is Anthony Padilla and Mykie Still Together?

Yes, Anthony Padilla and Mykie are still together, which is proof of the strength of their friendship. They started dating in 2019, and their bond has only strengthened since then. They have shared on many joyous occasions, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Their regular public displays of affection for one another on social media attest to the depth of their love for one another.

They let their fans share in their enjoyment by showing them snippets of their daily lives. Anthony Padilla and Mykie appear to be very committed to one another, and their relationship appears to be thriving.

Are Anthony Padilla and Mykie Engaged?

No. Anthony Padilla and his girlfriend Mykie have been together for some time but are not yet married. Padilla allegedly broke off her engagement to YouTuber Kalel Cullen. Padilla has been linked romantically to YouTuber Kalel Cullen in the past.

anthony padilla dating

Their first date was October 10, 2010, and June 29, 2013, was the reported engagement date, per Married Biography. Their engagement, however, did not result in a marriage, and they ultimately broke up in December 2014.

Padilla began dating comedian Miel Bredouw in early 2015, shortly after his breakup with Cullen. They avoided publicity for their relationship until September 22, 2017, when they announced their engagement.

They eventually broke up in September 2019 after their romance failed to endure the test of time. Padilla’s life is going swimmingly right now, what with his sweetheart Mykie by his side. Their relationship is growing stronger and more loving every day.

Is Anthony Padilla Gay?

Anthony Padilla is not gay, contrary to popular belief; rather, he is straight. Because so many of his fans were interested in knowing more about his sexuality, he decided to record a video and upload it to YouTube on March 18, 2017. You can watch it here.

People have asked the YouTuber a lot of questions about his sexuality, and the video with the title “Am I Gay?” answers all of those queries.

In the video, he also demonstrated that he is not gay by searching the internet for the phrase. Additionally, he mentioned that when he was seven years old, he took a purple lunch box to school, and one kid approached him claiming that purple is a gay color. He added that this incident occurred when he was.

Padilla claimed that he was unaware of it because he was just 7 years old at the time. In spite of everything, it is very evident that Padilla is not gay because there is evidence of him having romantic relationships with women in the past. In addition to this, he is romantically involved with Mykie.

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Anthony Padilla’s writing has maintained both its popularity and its capacity to provoke thought. The curiosity that his fans have about his romantic life is reasonable, but it is essential to keep in mind that superstars are humans just like everyone else.

Anthony Padilla’s romantic relationships are currently a mystery, which has led his fans to make assumptions about the actor.

Regardless of whether or not he is in a relationship, his fans can still enjoy his talent and the contributions he has made to the online community by visiting his YouTube website and viewing the amusing videos, intelligent comments, and in-depth interviews he has posted there.

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