Brent Rivera Dating: Who is Brent Rivera Dating Now?

Brent Rivera Dating: Brent Rivera is a captivating social media influencer who has garnered a large following across many platforms thanks to his comedy sketches and vlogs.

Rivera’s charisma, likability, and ability to create content that resonates with a wide audience have helped him establish a global fan base in the millions.

Fans enjoy watching his comedic videos, but many of them are also curious about his personal life and wonder if he has found someone despite his sudden fame.

This article delves into Brent Rivera’s love history and examines the current state of his relationships with women.

Who is Brent Rivera’s Dated?

Brent Rivera has dated Pierson Wodzynski since 2020. He dated YouTubers Morgan Justus and Eva Gutowski.
Internet sensation and actor Brent Rivera (born January 9, 1998) is American.

After Vine, he posted on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Amp Studios, a 2018 content development firm, is his co-founder and CEO. That year, he created YouTube’s creativity collaborative Amp Squad. Rivera played Isaac Salcedo on “Light As A Feather” in 2018.

Brent Rivera Dating

He wrote, produced, directed, and starred in his 2016–2018 TV series Mr Brent98. In 2017, he starred in Alexander IRL and the shorts Brent Rivera: Doubt Your Doubts (2014), Come On, #MakeItHappy (2015), Skipping Christmas (2017), and Doin’ It Wrong (2019).

He frequently works with Ben Azelart, Alexis Joy, and Stokes Twins and performed in My Royal Summer with Brent Rivera. VIP Access, How to Survive a Break-Up, and Camp Nick also featured him. He earns the most from YouTube and TikTok. He earns through sponsored material and ads.

Who is Brent Rivera Dating Now?

Pierson Wodzynski, born on February 18, 1999, is an American social media influencer who has gained significant popularity in recent years.

She rose to fame primarily through TikTok, where she captured the attention of millions of viewers by sharing videos of her energetic dancing, captivating lip-sync performances, and showcasing her talents in various performing arts.

As of 2022, Pierson is in a relationship with Brent Rivera, an American internet personality and actor. Together, they have become a well-known couple in the social media realm, with their fans eagerly following their journey.

Pierson Wudzynski and Brent Rivera in a Relationship

Since the year 2020, Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski have been together in a romantic partnership. Nevertheless, before they started dating, Brent had a history of having open relationships with a number of different women.

His connection with Morgan Justus was one of the most prominent public relationships he had. As Brent rose to prominence as an internet personality, his admirers began taking an interest in other aspects of his life, particularly his personal life.

Brent Rivera Dating

In spite of the fact that Brent had previously engaged in open relationships with other women, he has been committed to Pierson for a considerable amount of time now. As a result, their partnership has attracted the attention and support of their respective fan bases.

Specifics of Previous Relationships

Eva and the YouTuber became close over six years. The 2015 connection is unknown. Eva is known for her beauty, fashion, humor, and lifestyle films, as well as her YouTube account.

Brent Rivera and Eva Gutowski never denied having a love relationship. Their admirers suspected they were dating due to their frequent appearances in one other’s social media posts and videos.

His “will they or won’t they?” connection with Eva was well-known at the time. Disneyland was their favorite trip. Brent Rivera’s dating life is contradicted online. It’s easy to tell who Brent Rivera is seeing, but keeping track of his hookups, flings, and breakups is harder.

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Since Brent Rivera has won the hearts of millions and attracted the attention of millions more as a social media influencer, his followers are curious to learn more about his personal life, especially his dating exploits.

Despite the fact that Rivera’s past romances have been the subject of much speculation, he continues to keep his romantic life private.

The internet celebrity has not confirmed their relationship status as of the end of our study period in September 2021.

At the end of the day, fans will have to remain patient until Brent Rivera makes his own statement about his dating life. In the meantime, his fans may keep enjoying the engaging stuff he produces and rooting for him to succeed.

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