Will ‘My School President’ Be Back for a Second Season in 2023?

My School President Season 2: Find My School President Satisfying? Those of you who can’t wait for the second season of My School President, chime in: That’s how many episodes there are in Season 2. You’ve stumbled into a fortunate landing location, thanks to that! My Boyfriend Is the President, My School President is the title of a brand new Thai drama series.

Now for the good news! We have looked into this extensively and gathered all of the relevant data for you. A brand-new episode premieres every Monday on GMM One. This site serves as a full Season 2 episode guide and recap resource for My School President. What are we waiting for, shall we dive in?

What is My School President All About?

President of the school’s music club, Gun (Nattawat Jirochtikul) wants nothing more than to take home the Hot Wave award. But his hopes are quickly fading as the club is breaking up. He enlists Tinn (Norawit Titicaroenrak), the president of the Student Council and an attractive young man whose mother is the principal.

Tinn has had a long-standing covert crush for Gun. Tinn is more determined than ever to win the challenge for Gun so he can finally pop the question.

My School President Season 2 Renewal or Canceled

The first season of My School President has only recently begun showing, with only a handful of episodes currently available.

My School President season 2

There’s a long way to go for the Thai drama series. It would be premature to reveal anything about Season 2. There has been no confirmation that Season 1 would be followed by Season 2.

My School President Season 2 Release Date

In what ways are you anticipating the return of My School President for its second season? Fortunately, it’s not too far off. In 2024, we can expect to see the premiere of My School President Season 2.

There has been no word on when exactly the show will debut, but it’s safe to presume it will air in the fall. When the first season debuted in 2022, it was an immediate hit. Be on the lookout for updated information as it is released.

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My School President Season 2 Cast

Here is the list of my school president season 2:-

  • Norawit Titicharoenrak (Gemini) as Tinn
  • Thanawin Pholcharoenrat (Winny) as Win
  • Nattawat Jirochtikul (Fourth) as Gun
  • Arun Asawasuebsakul (Ford) as Por
  • Kittipop Sereevichayasawat (Satang) as Sound
  • Pheerawit Koolkang (Captain) as Yo
  • Teepakorn Kwanboon (Prom) as Pat
  • Pakin Kunaaniwit (Mark) as Tiwson

When Will the Second Season of My School President Premiere, and How Many Episodes Will It Have?

The second season of My School President has left fans with the same question. Unfortunately, no one knows the answer yet.

It’s possible the showrunners will wait until the premiere to reveal how many episodes will be in the season. Season 2 of My School President may feature multiple episodes. Keep an eye out for official announcements made by the show’s makers to learn the episode count.

While waiting for My School President Season 2, fans can try to guess how many episodes will be in the season. Once the show’s creators make an official statement, we’ll know how many episodes Season 2 of My School President will feature.

My School President’s Season 1 Finale: What Happened?

A conclusion to Season 1 of My School President has not yet been announced. Season one of the show premiered in December of 2022. We have a long way to go until we see the series’ conclusion.

My School President season 2

On February 24, 2023, we will see the conclusion. This makes it tough to foretell how the series will conclude. If you want to know how the narrative of Tinn and Gun turns out, it’s best to watch the show as it’s now being broadcast.


Is “My School President” Worth My Time?

Entertainment value is never in question when it comes to high school romance dramas centered on the LGBTQ+ community. And neither is my President. Viewer reaction to the newly premiered series has been overwhelmingly positive.

My School President: Where to Watch It?

Each week, GMM One airs the Thai drama series My School President. The Thai public is the primary audience for the TV channel. If you are an international viewer, though, you may rest easy. You may also watch the episodes of My School President on the video-sharing website YouTube. In order to watch the series, all you need is access to YouTube, and the series will be subtitled in English.

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