Waller Release Date and Plot Details Revealed: Here’s What to Expect

Viola Davis has portrayed Amanda Waller, a morally ambiguous villain, since 2016. Waller is a prominent government intelligence officer in the DC comics universe.

At least, that’s how she hopes you’ll feel about her right away. Waller is also the mastermind behind Task Force X, a covert government organization that recruits convicted DC criminals and sends them on covert missions. Perhaps, however, you know Task Force X better by their alias, the Suicide Squad.

James Gunn and Peter Safran have revealed that Waller will star in her own self-titled solo series in 2022, after having appeared in a number of DC movies and a TV series. What about the Waller movie’s premiere date? Give us a moment, and we’ll explain all you need to know and more.

Waller’s Possible Release Date

There is currently no set Waller release date as of April 2023. However, we do know that it is Gunn and Safran’s third DCU project in order. This suggests that the release date won’t be before the latter half of 2025.

Waller Possible Plotline

James Gunn has stated that Waller would serve as a sequel to the first season of Peacemaker.

The first season of Peacemaker ended with Task Force X in shambles. Waller seemed determined to avoid blame for the mayhem until her own daughter, Leota Adebayo, blew the whistle on her.

Waller Release Date

Adebayo, intent on exonerating Peacemaker, spoke at the press conference and named Waller as the operation’s true mastermind. We can assume that Waller will focus on the immediate aftermath of Adebayo’s revelation since Safran stated that the series would air between seasons 1 and 2 of Peacemaker.

How will Waller respond to this information? When will she be made to answer for her actions? Will the Task Force X she formed in the first season of Peacemaker be permanently disbanded? We hope the Waller series will shed light on these issues, but whatever the outcome, it won’t be good for the A.R.G.U.S. chief.

Waller’s Expected Cast

At this time, only Viola Davis has been officially confirmed to return to the show. But Gunn also said that he expects some of the Peacemaker cast to join the show, so it’s safe to assume that we’ll be seeing some of the surviving Task Force X members again. Our complete list of potential actors includes:

Actor/Actress Character
Viola Davis Amanda Waller
Danielle Brooks Leota Adebayo
John Cena Peacemaker
Freddie Stroma Vigilante

So, How Does Waller Relate to Other DCU Projects?

The planned show has few specifics at this time. During an interview, Gunn explained the timing by saying, “We’re utilizing the same actors; this is a continuation of Peacemaker, I’m working on Superman, so we can’t do Peacemaker Season 2. Meanwhile, we’re busy with Waller development.

Nonetheless, Amanda Waller is one of the most recognizable characters in the multiverse, so with all the Batman-related projects on the horizon, we can anticipate a number of crossovers between this show and other media.

Waller Release Date

Although it could be another two years before this next show is released, you can rest assured that Collider will cover all the latest developments as they occur.

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Waller: Where Can I Watch It?

Waller is currently unavailable but will air on HBO Max when it does premiere.

This is because all of Gunn and Safran’s planned DC projects will air on HBO Max. We’re crossing our fingers that the streamer makes it to the UK before Waller’s release.

Is a Trailer for Waller Available?

No Waller trailer has been released as of yet, and that will likely not happen until after principal photography is over. The Suicide Squad’s teaser from 2021 still lets you see Viola Davis’s role in the action.



Amanda Waller will star in her own self-titled solo series in 2022, with Viola Davis and some of the Peacemaker cast expected to join the show. Amanda Waller is a recognizable character in the multiverse, and her series will focus on the aftermath of Leota Adebayo’s revelation. It will air on HBO Max when it premieres, but no trailer has been released yet.

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