Mississippi State Football Legend Mardye McDole Dies at 63

Mississippi State is in grief after losing one of its all-time great receivers, Bulldog standout Mardye McDole, to an unexpected death. Find out the specifics surrounding the untimely demise of Mississippi state receiver Mardye McDole.

Who Was Mardye McDole?

Mardye McDole plays wide receiver for the American football team. From Mississippi State University, the Minnesota Vikings selected McDole in the second round of the 1981 NFL Draft. In Mobile, Alabama, he taught physical education and coached the varsity wide receivers at Murphy High School.

mardye mcdole death

For the Mississippi State Bulldogs, McDole’s 1,000-yard season was the first ever by a receiver.

How did Mardye McDole Die?

Mardye McDole, a legendary wide receiver for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, passed away on March 28, 2023. He was 63 years old.

McDole, a wide receiver for Murphy, made All-State that year as the Panthers reached the state championship game. He caught six receptions for 242 yards and three touchdowns (88, 70, and 32 yards) in that game, which Mountain Brook lost 52-26. The team was coached by Major Ogilvie, a legend at the University of Alabama.

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Mardye McDole Cause of Death

It is with deep regret that we notify you of Mardye McDole’s passing. Mardye McDole was often regarded as having a kind and welcoming demeanor. Many people must be curious about Mardye McDole’s death cause in light of the current headlines.

Several sources have confirmed to AL.com that former Mississippi State and Murphy High School football star Mardye McDole has died after a long illness. The exact reason for Mardye McDole’s passing is still a mystery. When new information becomes available, we will post an update.

We cannot confirm any speculations that may have been spread about the news but be assured that we are doing all in our ability to learn more about the tragedy and bring you the latest details as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that the privacy of the victim’s families should be respected.


Tributes to Mardye McDole

Many people have expressed their deepest condolences to his family and their deepest feelings of affection for him. His many devoted followers are deeply disheartened by this turn of events.

Sharen Allen wrote,

“Love you, Coach! Praying for the family, get your rest Mardye McDole Sr.

Cliff Logan wrote,

“Man it saddens my heart to hear about Marty Mardye McDole Sr. Passing away he was a great athlete and a great friend, I haven’t seen him in a long time, but was one of greatest athletes to ever come out of Mobile Rest in Peace , my brother.”

Mardye McDole Obituary

Losing a family member or close friend is among life’s most difficult experiences. A final objective is necessary for any trip. Unfortunately, the person’s life on Earth has ended with their passing. We pray for his family and friends and offer our deepest condolences for their loss. Peace be with him forever.

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