From Friendship to Love: The Beautiful Relationship of Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

Lauren Morelli and Samira Wiley’s relationship is the Hollywood dream: they met on the set of “Orange Is the New Black,” hit it off instantly, and eventually fell in love. They’ve been married since 2016, and their first child was born in 2018. Here’s how their friendship blossomed into something more serious:

In December 2012, When Morelli Was Still Married, the Two of Them Met and Became Fast Friends on the Set of “Orange is the New Black.”

The pair met on the set of the Netflix series, where Morelli served as head writer and Wiley portrayed Poussey Washington. Morelli had written a few scenes for Wiley, and the two of them bonded over their discussions of the material.

Even though Morelli was married at the time, she told Out magazine in 2016 that she “immediately had a crush on her” after watching Wiley’s audition tape.

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli relationship

After realizing she was gay while working on the set of “OITNB,” Morelli published an essay about it in Mic in 2014. Wiley, who came out in her twenties, became close with Morelli as the latter processed her own sexuality and came to terms with it.

In 2014, Morelli and Her Husband Split Up, and She Started Dating Wiley

Morelli filed for divorce from her husband in September 2014, after trying to save her marriage for a year. She also began dating Wiley that same year. Wiley explained that their friendship had evolved from “more of a confidante kind of relationship” to “something more” in an interview with Cosmopolitan UK published in March 2021.

In her own words, she elaborated, “Lauren is the most amazing person, and [we were] able to have that connection evolve from being terrified of what was happening in her own marriage to being on the other side and [realizing], ‘Oh, this is more than this, we genuinely really love each other.'”

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In October 2016, Morelli Asked Wiley to Be His Wife, and the Couple Later Celebrated Their Engagement

On Instagram on October 4, 2016, Wiley shared an image of herself, Morelli, and a dazzling diamond engagement ring to announce the couple’s engagement. Yeah was the caption she chose. They revealed their engagement to Out magazine in 2016, saying it occurred just before a Palm Springs weekend getaway.

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli relationship

Wiley claimed that Morelli sat down on the couch with her before they left, then dragged her to her feet and had her dance. Morelli then proposed by proposing with a ring he had hidden behind the couch.

This Couple Got Married in Palm Springs on March 25, 2017

At Palm Springs, California, the couple exchanged wedding vows. It was the finest day of my life,” Wiley gushed to Cosmopolitan UK in March of 2021. The ceremony that Morelli and Wiley had was a “combination of traditional and non” according to the magazine’s cover story.

They invited only very close friends and family to an outdoor site in Palm Springs for a weekend of celebration. They had a confetti-themed wedding and donned Christian Siriano bridal gowns tailored especially for them.


The Couple Welcomed Their First Child Together on May 9, 2021

Wiley shocked her audience on Mother’s Day by announcing the arrival of their daughter, George Elizabeth, on April 11, 2021.

Wiley and Morelli’s first child, a daughter named George, was born four weeks ago today after Wiley and Morelli had been in labor for almost three days. Wiley and Morelli celebrated their first Mother’s Day by sharing a photo of George holding their hands on Instagram and captioning it, “Happy 1st Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife.”

Furthermore, she said “Baby darling, you are quite welcome to join us. You made our first Mother’s Day together the best it could have been.”

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