Check Out! ‘Leveling With The Gods’ Chapter 70 Confirm Release Date!

Once again, Kim was in peril in a world where players battle for control and wealth. But, with the aid of a buddy named Namgung Hoon, they were able to overcome these difficulties.

They were unaware that their achievements would attract the attention of a strong guild, putting their lives in jeopardy. So, without further ado, here’s the lowdown on when you can expect to read Leveling With The Gods Chapter 70 and what happens therein.

Kim and his pals will be back where they usually hang out next time on Leveling With The Gods. The threat has changed, however. The problem is that Kim isn’t going to give in. If you want to know more, read on!

Leveling With The Gods Chapter 70 Release Date

The 70th chapter of Leveling With The Gods is currently under production. The new book is expected to be released on March 1st, 2023, according to fans. Scans in English may take longer to appear.

Leveling With The Gods Chapter 70 Story: What to Expect from it?

Kim and Namgung go home in Chapter 70 of Leveling With The Gods. Yet they won’t realize the peril that awaits them around the next bend. The formidable guild they’ve crossed will now target the pair.

Leveling With The Gods Chapter 70

And we shall be unrelenting in our pursuit of them. They will endeavor to evade capture despite their training and experience. Even so, it will appear like the guild members are constantly one step ahead.

Kim and Namgung will decide to turn the tables and battle their pursuers as they realize they cannot outrun them forever. They’ll soon begin intelligence collecting and making plans for an assault.

They are well aware that they must act swiftly and decisively if they are to overcome the formidable guild. They plan to use their combined expertise to execute an ambush on the guild’s stronghold, killing the guild’s leaders and crippling the organization.

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Both sides will be battling desperately to stay alive, thus the conflict is bound to be bloody. Kim and Namgung will be leading the charge, taking on the game’s best. But just when they think they have the upper hand, a shadowy figure will emerge, brandishing a potent weapon that could swing the battle in the other side’s favor.

Leveling With The Gods Chapter 69 Recap

At the end of Chapter 69 of Leveling With the Gods, a big assembly of players has gathered around Kim. The people were after his Adamantium. He realized he needed aid and sent a signal to Namgung Hoon. Despite being in the eleventh dungeon, Namgung quickly made his way to Kim’s side.

Leveling With The Gods Chapter 70

They worked together to drive off the players, and Kim made off with the Adamantium. As Kim couldn’t safely store the Adamantium, he had to get it to Ahjuss as soon as possible. On top of that, he had to sneak the Dark Divine Crystal all the way to Mount Olympus without getting caught.


Together, he and Namgung overcame several challenges to attain their goal. While they were successful in getting the materials delivered undetected, they had drawn the attention of a formidable guild that was now on the lookout for them. Defeating the game’s most formidable foes was Kim and Namgung’s next, and greatest, challenge. The threat was not yet over despite their accomplishment.

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