The Upshaws Part 3 Ending Explained: What Will Happen Between Lucretia and Frank?

The third season of the Netflix comedy The Upshaws has officially premiered, and here is everything you need to know about the show’s conclusion. An unconventional family unit faces the strains of modern life in this compelling drama.

Wanda Sykes, Mike Epps, Kim Fields, Diamond Lyons, Khali Spraggins, Page Kennedy, Jernelle Simon, Gabrielle Dennis, Mike Estime, and Journey Christine all make appearances in the show, which was co-created by Sykes and Hicks.

Season one features eight episodes, each running between 25 and 29 minutes. This show depicts a family just like any other, with constant bickering and misadventures.

But when mistakes of the past don’t obscure the positives, the family clings to a thread that is steadily deteriorating. The characters embody the general craziness of the family while also toeing the line between the two extremes. Excellent portrayal of a problematic family dynamic.

The Upshaws Part 3 Storyline

Due to Bennie’s acquisition of stolen components, he and Lucretia end themselves behind bars. While Lucretia is able to bail herself out, Regina has problems bailing out Bennie because she recently lost her job.

She begs Bernard for assistance, but he refuses to help Bennie until Lucretia convinces him otherwise. Lucretia discovers the true perpetrator in the garage’s surveillance film, and the situation is resolved. After their quarrel in church, she and Regina don’t talk about what caused the tension but they do manage to make an uneasy peace. After Bennie got them both arrested, Lucretia fired him from the garage.

Bennie and Regina start working on automobiles in their driveway after Lucretia’s shop starts to struggle from a lack of a good mechanic. Aliyah abandons Savannah for the company of the school’s elite. After Bernard asks his boyfriend Hector to tone it down around Sydney, Hector breaks up with him and tells Bernard he needs to learn to be out and proud.

Regina and Bennie are weary of the garage’s disruptions at home and make amends with Lucretia so that Bennie can return to work there. A city water pipe bursts, flooding the garage, which is bad news.

While Regina has been attending job interviews, she has not been successful in landing a position. While working as a Lexus repair is peaceful for Bennie, he misses being his own boss.

In time, Aliyah realizes that she was better off with Savannah than she was with the popular youngsters. Sydney isn’t a big boxing fan, despite Bernard’s efforts to introduce her to the sport.

When Regina can’t take taking care of her kids any longer, she and Lucretia sneak away for the weekend to attend Lucretia’s college homecoming. When she imbibes beyond her ability to think clearly, she has a series of profound insights.

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The Upshaws Part 3 Ending Explained

What Will Happen Between Lucretia and Frank?

Lucretia and Frank were on their way to Atlanta when they got the news that Frank’s sister Regina had a heart attack. She had already made plans with Frank, but she insisted on getting off.

The Upshaws part 3 ending explained

Frank learns just how devoted she is to her family and her life in Indiana at a later fast-food dinner with her, Aliyah, and Maya. For the simple reason that no matter how much she loves Frank, Lucretia will never leave her family and go away, the couple decides to end their relationship on good terms.

Bernard and Hector: Back Together Again?

Sometime after Bernard’s mother’s heart attack, he runs into Hector in the gym and tells him that he’s learned that life is too short to care about what other people think.

He asks Hector for another chance, and Hector instructs him to meet him at the bar where Hector works as a side job. When Bernard arrives, he discovers that the place is a drag bar and that Hector is one of the drag queens who perform there.

For a moment, Hector is concerned when Bernard suddenly leaves, but Bernard returns with several singles to prove to Hector that he is committed.

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Does Regina go to College?

Regina doesn’t appear overjoyed with the acceptance letter at first. Regina’s family scheduled a campus visit for the next weekend, but she was still on the fence about attending.

The Upshaws part 3 ending explained

Bennie sees Regina at a local casino with the lads and wonders aloud why she isn’t at school. While they are back at home, she breaks the news to him and Lucretia that she has decided against attending college after all.

Bennie and Lucretia do their best to investigate the reason for Regina’s reversal of heart, but the best they can come up with is Dr. Webber’s speculation that the latter may be suffering from depression and overreacting to a traumatic event.

Instead of recommending she see a professional, they try to cheer her up themselves, which also doesn’t work out well. After learning about Lucretia’s breakup, Regina visits her at her home and remains there, telling Bennie she is unsure of her return time.

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What Regarding Kelvin?

The tension between Bennie and Kelvin around Noah’s invitation to move in with them was resolved, and Noah ultimately decided to propose to Tasha. After Regina’s attack, Kelvin visits the home and offers his assistance.

Regina’s decision to go for a time prompts Tasha to drop off Kelvin with the explanation that he’s changed his mind and wants to live with his dad for a bit.

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