All the Places Ending Explained: Do Fernando and Gabo Reach Acapulco?

The Netflix original “All the Places,” a feel-good Mexican film directed by Pitipol Ybarra, has recently been made available. Even though they hadn’t spoken in 15 years, Fernando and Gabriela reconciled after their father’s death. However, they remember many wonderful times together as children.

Feelings of nostalgia for a thrilling motorcycle journey. After their father passed away, Fernando and Gabriela, now adults with their own careers and personal lives to think about, decided to take some time to reflect on the wonderful childhood memories they and their dad had shared. Let’s find out the outcome of these siblings’ quest.

‘All The Places’ Plot Synopsis

After his father, Francisco Medina, passed away from cancer, his son Fernando went to his hometown 15 years later to attend his funeral. Gabriela, called Gabo, Fernando’s sister, was furious that he showed up late because she had been handling all of the funeral arrangements on her own.

The pastor stepped in to stop them from fighting, and they ended up reconciling with one another. Fernando attempted to comfort Gabriela, but she still avoided making eye contact with her brother.

Feeling nostalgic, Fernando looked about the house and thought back to his own childhood. Their father had purchased two bicycles for the children, and those bikes were still in the garage. The tennis racquet, of all things, made him feel sentimental.

Fernando convinced his sister Gabriela to join him for a game of tennis so that she could vent her anger. Unexpectedly, though, they came across Gabriela’s old journal, in which she detailed a daring scheme to urinate in the ocean off the coast of Acapulco.

Even though Fernando’s sobriety had been compromised by a few tequila shots, he still managed to convince his sister to continue their escapade with him. After some convincing, Gabriela decided to ride to Acapulco with them on a motorcycle.

While in Acapulco, Fernando was bombarded with calls from his workplace in Singapore, so the two of them had to check into a hotel. When Fernando’s hangover finally passed, he tried to convince Gabo to head back to San Miguel with him, but she refused, saying that it wasn’t her choice to come in the first place and that she would only go back after the experience was finished.

So, Fernando had to concede to his sister’s point of view. While staying at a different hotel, Gabo met a man who grabbed her interest; nevertheless, spending the night with him was unsatisfactory since he compelled Gabo to engage in tantric sex.

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The following day, Gabo and Fernando set off on their journey, during which they picked up a couple of hitchhikers who turned out to be friendly young hippies. During their fair, Fernando told his sister he had a son after taking some mushrooms and sharing the news with Gabo. Gabo, still high from the night before, discounted Fernando’s claim that he had a son, but the next day she was taken aback to realize that he was not only babbling.

All the Places Ending Explained

Will Ricardo and His Mom Ever Meet Fernando?

When Gabo inquires as to the whereabouts of Ricardo and his mother, Fernando informs him that they now make their home in Mexico City. Since it’s in their path, Gabo advises he meet up with them. Soon enough, they see Ricardo and decide to follow him. They join in on the football game after spotting him playing with his pals.

All the Places ending explained

Ricardo uses them as bait for a made-up story about an elderly couple after the game. As he walks away, he casts a sidelong glance toward Fernando, as though they share some sort of psychic bond. When Fernando initially rejects the idea that his brother is his biological father, an argument ensues between the two.

She accuses him of dodging his responsibilities, while he berates her for being too timid to ever leave San Miguel. Once Gabo has left, Fernando will contact Ricardo’s mom. He shares the sad news that his father recently passed away and that before he died, he had hoped to learn more about his son. If he’ll lets her in his life, she’ll introduce him to her boyfriend Ricardo. When he takes too long to get back to her, she ends the call.

Do Fernando and Gabo Reach Acapulco?

Gabo forges ahead without anyone else. As he catches up to her, Ricardo says sorry. They make up. While out to lunch together, Gabo realizes that her fear of leaving San Miguel stems from her desire to avoid disappointment. She had a fantastic time on the road trip because of Fernando.

When Fernando and his friend lose a ping pong match to two random people, he wagers their bikes on the outcome. After Fernando and his friends refuse to hand over the bikes, they are attacked. Fortunately, Gabo has an extra set of keys. Eventually, they are able to make it to Acapulco after stealing the bikes back.


Do Gabo and Fernando Decide to Make Positive Changes in Their Lives?

Back in San Miguel, the two must now part ways. They have souvenirs to remember the journey by. The scene later shifts to Gabo checking in for a flight. When asked where she is going, she tells the attendant, “anywhere.” She overcame her hesitation to leave San Miguel and is now seeing the world.

While Ricardo is out, Fernando unexpectedly shows up at his home. This decision to accept accountability is shared by him. The road journey allowed the siblings to confront their fears and develop as people.

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