Re/Member Ending Explained: Do They Find the Head?

“Re/member” is like if The Grudge and Squid Game had a baby, with fewer scares and fewer game mechanics. Rather than focusing on actual horror, “Re/member,” available on Netflix, explores the thrill of watching a scary movie.

We have a traumatic event from the past, and now a group of people living in the present must figure out how to escape the aftermath of that event while also doing everything they can to maintain their own safety. It’s natural for some people to be confused by this. Let’s take an axe to it and dismantle it.

‘Re/Member’ Plot Synopsis

A man savagely dismembers Miko Onoyama, age 8. Asuka, Rie, Rumiko, Takahiro, Shota, and Atsushi, five pupils at Acacia Academy, discover they are stuck in a time loop of the same day 30 years after it began. Within that time frame, they must conduct a “body search,” locate the scattered remains and reassemble the victims.

Defeat means starting the day over again. The “Red Person,” a tiny girl covered in blood who wastes no time in savagely murdering them, makes it clear that their game isn’t going to finish as quickly as it might if they weren’t being followed. Can you locate the bodily parts for the students? They need to “remember” for that to happen.

The Red Person And Body Search

The Red Person appears to be Miko; yet, if she is, why is she obstructing the pupils from reassembling her body (ostensibly so that she can progress to the next plane)? Is the devil, therefore, the one who holds Miko’s soul and refuses to let go? Then why do you need to gather a small group of people together to collect the remains?

ReMember ending explained which was within a chapel; is this some sort of heavenly plan to give Miko’s soul the rest it deserved but never got? The fact that Miko (her spirit) contacted Asuka to ask for assistance in locating her remains is also noteworthy.

The devil had apparently hidden Miko’s body parts after trapping her inside himself [Miko’s head was inside Emily, the doll, which the demon utilized as a conduit of sorts]. In order to free Miko’s soul and end the spell/time cycle, the students had to behead Emily, retrieve Miko’s head, and place it in the coffin with the rest of the body parts.

Loneliness Come To Life

Her peers pay no attention to Asuka at all. Next in line are people like Rie, who shares her sense of isolation. Rumiko’s “biker boyfriend” is cheating on her. Shota is often the object of others’ ridicule and teasing. If Atsushi isn’t in class, he won’t leave his room unless attendance is required.

After he damaged his knee playing basketball, the coach decided to cut him from the squad. Takahiro, who also has a severe fear of failing, decided to drop out of basketball for the same reason.

There is either a feeling of isolation or a fear of isolation present in all of these students. Even more than three decades ago, when tiny Miko was murdered, she was sick and being treated at home and hence unable to attend school. Only her doll, Emily, served as a company for her social needs.

If we accept Asuka’s claim that the five of them were picked because of their isolation, then it may be because Emily needed someone like her to aid her, or it could be the devil’s ploy because Miko didn’t want to let go.

Re/Member ending explained

Is this Strategy Effective?

Shota reasons that the Red Person is attracted to them because of their commotion. As a result, it can be diverted from its intended target by blasting music all across the campus.

ReMember ending explained

Further, they’ll employ walkie-talkies for coordination and carefully timed light activation. The evil spirit could then be drawn to certain locations. The group puts its strategy into action, and it works like a charm. Even so, Atsushi continues to decline involvement. They keep getting killed off, but they also keep discovering new body parts.

At this point, all that’s left is a head and a leg. Takahiro recovers the leg, but he is mortally wounded before he can make it to the chapel. Atsushi steps in at the last minute to save Takahiro’s life by carrying his severed leg to the casket.

They decide to go to the beach during the day despite the loop, where Asuka and Takahiro share a touching moment. It turns out they’ve known each other since kindergarten, but they lost touch after a malicious rumor tarnished Asuka’s reputation.

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What Happens to Rie?

Soon after leaving the beach, the gang arrives at the location where Miko was murdered. They learn that her favorite toy was an Emily doll. Even Miko’s ghost (the Red Person) has that doll in tow.

A boarded-up hole in the wall is discovered, and the group decides to breach it. They do eventually enter and find Emily, but a second later the doll is gone. They’re so terrified that they’ve already fled. On that fateful night, the Red Person morphs into a monstrous fusion of Miko and Emily. Teenagers perish, only to show up for class the following day. But Rie has been wiped out of history.

Once the monster killed Asuka, she ate her. Shota understands that if a player is devoured during the Body Search, they are permanently eliminated from the competition. Only a victory can bring them back to life.

Why Do Only Six People Get to Play in the Game?

Asuka observes Mr. Yashiro again eavesdropping on them and decides to interrogate him. The librarian admits that, after some prodding, he, too, was subjected to a Body Search during his high school years.

ReMember ending explained

Unfortunately, even if they succeed, nobody involved in the game will remember it later on. Consequently, the relationships they’ve formed during this time will fade away. Asuka is devastated and trying to figure out what to do next. She confides in Takahiro, who gives her his tie pin and assures her he will track her down once everything has settled down. They lock lips just as the night descends.


As Takahiro explains, the lonely gaps in their hearts are what drew the evil spirit to them. Neglect from their peers (like Asuka), doubt and shame (like Takahiro), an injury (like Atsushi) that ended his athletic career, bullying (like Shota), infidelity (like Rumiko), and social awkwardness (like Rie) made them easy prey. The group has made the decision to put everything on hold in order to defeat the monster.

Do They Find the Head?

Asuka relates how, one night, she discovered the doll face down in the water. She theorizes that the monster’s brain is actually Miko’s head. The plan is to corner the beast and then behead it. At night, they come under attack. They successfully link the monster to the wall, and everything looks to be going smoothly.

Sadly, things start to go wrong, and everyone but Asuka and Takahiro perishes. Together, they put up a fierce struggle and finally decapitate the beast. Once inside, they discover the girl’s severed head and head for the chapel.

Unfortunately, the monster reappears, and Takahiro orders Asuka to transport the severed head to the coffin. Despite his best efforts, the monster ultimately consumes him. Asuka is attacked by the monster, but she resists. The demon is impaled by a cross that falls from the crumbling chapel. As the sun rises on a new day, Asuka returns the head to the casket.

Final Words

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