The Price of Family Ending Explained: What’s Going to Happen to Emilio?

The Price of Family Ending Explained: In 2022, Italian director Giovanni Bognetti will take the helm for the comedy The Price of Family. Price of Parenting, directed by Alexandra Leclère and originally released in France in 2021, serves as the source material for this production. The concept of “The Price of Family” will be broken out in great depth here. If you want to find out more, read on.

The Price Of Family: Storyline

Carlo and Anna say goodbye to their children as their son Emilio and daughter Alessandra get ready to leave for the city. Anna is disturbed by their departure and begs them to return soon. Since Emilio and Alessandra haven’t visited in over 15 months, Anna has been increasingly irritated.

Carlo does his best to console his wife and make excuses for his kids, but he recognizes that this is pointless. Anna has planned a nice birthday supper and cake for her daughter Alessandra but they both end up missing the festivities. They stop by Alessandra’s apartment on the way to the city to meet up with Emilio for a drink. They spot her standing outside, and when they call, she reluctantly answers the phone and informs them she can’t make it home for Christmas after all.

They travel to a bar after hearing the awful news, where they run across Emilio and his odious boss. This year, even Emilio planned to spend Christmas away from home. When Anna finds out that neither of her children will be present for Christmas, Carlo tries to reassure her.

The Price of Family Ending Explained

After two weeks without contact from their parents, Alessandra and Emilio start to worry for their wellbeing. When Grandma answers the phone, she tells the caller that Anna and Carlo are too busy to accept their calls right now because they recently received a sizable sum of money from their late aunt Tea.

After a lovely dinner with their parents, Alessandra and Emilio find out that their aunt Tea has given them a total of $6,000,000 to split between them. A lot of kids are trying to contain their enthusiasm over this. Long after their departure, Anna and Carlo are vindicated in their belief that their children will return for financial reasons when they discover that the gift is a forgery. Carlo asserts that he is able to maintain the appearance of wealth until Christmas.

Alessandra and Emilio are celebrating the impending arrival of money as Carlo and Anna scour flea markets seeking the finest fakes. Carlo even borrows a Ferrari from the local impound lot till Christmas. Alessandra and Emilio are concerned because they boast about their money in front of their children all the time. The word of an unexpected bequest is spreading swiftly, which is creating additional problems.

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The Price of Family: Ending Explained

What’s Going to Happen to Emilio?

When Emilio’s supervisor learns that his family has recently come into a large sum of money, he offers him the chance to become a partner in exchange for a sizable donation.

Carlo says he’ll think about it and they head out for a round of golf to discuss it. Carlo witnesses Emilio being ridiculed by his boss again when he attempts to tell him the truth later and decides to withhold it. Instead, he offers Emilio $200,000 in exchange for a donation, with the promise that Emilio will be made a partner in the business and promoted accordingly.

So What About Alessandra?

When Alessandra hears she may be receiving a large sum of money, she is overjoyed because she believes it will allow her to realize her ambitions. She loses her lover Rocco because of her awful reaction the first time Carlo and Anna tell her they would not be splitting the money.

Anna goes to see her daughter Alessandra break the news, but after learning the truth, she chooses not to pile on and instead invites her to spend the night at home. After a while, Alessandra moves into a suite at a high-end hotel and announces to her parents that she wants to launch a tea salon but requires a financial backing to do so.


Do Carlo and Anna tell Their Kids the Whole Truth?

Carlo and Anna finally welcome their children home to tell them the truth after years of deception, but Anna has a nervous breakdown and instead tells them that Carlo is dying and they need to put money aside for his medical care.

They assure them that they will be spending the holidays apart in order to meet with doctors all over the world, but that they will return in time to spend the holiday together as a family.

Carlo and Anna, who were meant to be in Paris at the time, appear on the screen of Rocco and Alessandra’s video chat, where they are standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

They hear that Emilio lost his job, so they ask her to include him in the call so they can console him. When he picks up, he tells them he’s going home to grab some clothes, and when he gets there, he finds his parents staring at a sheet depicting the Eiffel Tower in the kitchen.

They have no choice but to tell their children the truth, and their children are devastated.

What Goes on Christmas Eve?

Given that there is no reason to leave the decorations up, Anna spends Christmas Eve putting them away. Carlo tries to make her smile but to no avail.

While out to dinner with their grandma, Alessandra and Emilio are joined by their father. While their parents’ acts were disgusting, she informs them that they share some of the blame for the way they were ignored. Saddened by their parent’s absence, Emilio and Alessandra plan to surprise them by spending Christmas with them.

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