One Punch Man Chapter 180 Release Date: Expected Plot | Previous Chapter Review!

The unprecedented success of the One Punch Man manga is changing the media landscape in ways nobody could have predicted.  As such, Chapter 180 of One Punch Man should be out in the next weeks, according to the series’ established schedule.

The battle between Tatsumaki and the Caped Baldy was the focus of the previous chapter. The brawl was intense and diverted the focus of several heroes. In that case, when can we expect to see the next one? In what ways will this chapter develop? Here, without wasting too much of your time, is what you need to know about the new one.

In the next plot, viewers will learn what became their favorite heroes. As the battle between Tatsumaki and Saitama winds down, the cause of Saitama’s diminished strength in the most recent encounter will become clear.

One Punch Man Chapter 180 Release Date

They haven’t announced the next release date yet. Fans were taken aback by the sudden appearance of two chapters in one month.

One Punch Man Chapter 180

As a result, people are starting to have higher hopes for this one. As of right now, we’re anticipating a February 25, 2023 release date for One Punch Man Chapter 180. The moment we get our hands on a copy of the new chapter, we will update this section accordingly. The chapter will be made available on the OPM website.

One Punch Man Chapter 180 Expected Plot

There haven’t been any spoilers or raw scans released yet, but they will soon. Moreover, Murata has never revealed any such information to the audience. Saitama and Tatsumaki’s battle has lasted for a while, but it looks like it’ll finally conclude here. These two will get a chance to talk later. This discussion may reveal the secret to the superhero’s lack of desire to win the game.

We anticipate the introduction of new characters later on. Blast and King are just two of them that come to mind. These two have been making frequent cameos throughout the adventure. What’s even more fascinating is the role they’ll play in the plot.

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One Punch Man: Previous Chapter Review!

One Punch Man Chapter 179 is titled “Witnesses.” In the prologue, we witness a family making their way across the island in search of the Hero Condo A-City. Migration occurred because of a rise in the local monster population. On the other side, Tatsumaki and Saitama’s battle kept going. The outing’s intensity and fury were unparalleled. Saitama was holding onto her hands the entire time.

One Punch Man Chapter 180

This enraged her, and she flicked him again. The fight between these two had a lot of action, from hard blows to a tornado. After a lengthy buildup, the chapter’s final events resolved themselves neatly. The three-person family was able to pick up on the quarreling. Evidently, the sight of such assaults struck fear into their hearts. It is revealed in the commentary that by this time, heroes had become more lethal than villains.

When the chapter ended, Tatsumaki was still frustrated that Saitama wasn’t engaging in a direct confrontation with her. She appeared to be undoing every change at once. But we know he was trying to shield her from harm.



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