How did Dave Hollis Die? Former Disney Distribution Exec Dies at 47!

It is with great sadness that we inform our readers of Dave Hollis’s untimely passing at the age of 47. The loss of the young talented individual has left his friends, family, and coworkers devastated. He has written several books on self-improvement and previously served as Disney’s president of international distribution.

The suddenness of Dave’s death has sent shock waves through everyone who knew him. A family representative for Holli said that Dave passed away in his sleep on Saturday, February 11, 2023, at his home in the suburbs of Austin.

Hundreds of condolences and memorials have been posted on social media since the news of his death was confirmed. As this is a trying time for the whole family. His peers and fans in the industry have always held him in the highest esteem.

Who Was Dave Hollis?

Businessman, author, and speaker Dave Hollis is also an entrepreneur and speaker from the United States. He oversaw Disney Film Distribution before becoming CEO of Rachel’s company, Chic Media.

Over the course of his extensive career, he has worked for a wide range of companies in a variety of capacities. He first worked as a publicist for Bragman Nyman Cafarelli. Later in his career, he was employed by Fox Broadcasting and Twentieth Century Fox. He also works in a different department at Disney. As a top executive of Walt Disney, he handled distribution.

How did Dave Hollis die

Many recent blockbuster movies owe him a debt of gratitude for his contributions to their production and distribution. But once he left Disney, he quickly progressed through the ranks to become CEO of Rachel’s Firm Chic Media, where his wife also works. The company’s mission is to improve people’s lives and unlock their full potential.

He and his wife also co-host the number one health podcast on iTunes, Rise Together. He is also a consultant for Fandango Labs, Givsum, and the Institute of Entertainment and Culture at Pepperdine University. He has also joined the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

What Happened to Dave Hollis?

Famous motivational speaker Brendon Burchard wrote a moving tribute to his friend and colleague Dave Hollis, who passed away suddenly, on his official Facebook page.

I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s terrible. This past weekend, we lost Dave Hollis. His parents released a statement that was published online:

“Dave Hollis, former President of Worldwide Distribution at Disney, passed away peacefully at his home outside Austin, TX on Saturday night. Though the exact cause of death has yet to be determined, his family confirms he had been hospitalized recently for some heart issues. He was 47.”

Dave was a wonderful man who cared deeply for his family, his students, and his friends. Numerous hours were spent with the two of us. His compassion, sensitivity, energy, enthusiasm, honesty in discussing his challenges, adoration for his children, and dedication to helping others all left an impression on me.

During the year that we worked together as teachers, I can’t count how many times the depth of his sharing and wisdom moved me and our audience to tears. I enjoyed our witty exchanges, his method of instruction, and the many bellies’ laughs and ambitious schemes we devised together. Just last month, I was seeing him in the hospital when I learned he had heart problems.

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My buddies and I were able to express our affection for him when he was safely released. He had no doubt that he was adored. It appears that the heart problems persisted.

How did Dave Hollis Die?

The former head of Disney’s international distribution and writer Dave Hollis has passed away. He was 47. A family member said Hollis passed away peacefully at his home outside of Austin, Texas, on Saturday night.

His loved ones said he had recently been admitted to the hospital due to cardiac problems, but no more details were provided about his passing. After Chuck Viane announced his retirement from Disney’s theatrical distribution in 2011, Hollis took up the position.

Several of the studio’s biggest hits to date were directed by Hollis during his time there, including features from Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and Pixar as well as live-action adaptations of classic animated features and original animated projects.


Hollis’s abrupt departure from the company in 2018 came after a period of great success under his leadership. Rachel Hollis, Hollis’s ex-wife, and a well-liked industry professional and charming Disney representative, founded the production company Chic Media in Texas, and Hollis departed the studio to take the helm there (and in California). Recently, the couple began to live apart.

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