Lockwood & Co Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Lockwood & Co Season 2 Release Date: America has been honored to have its own Ghostbusters to help in the fight against ghosts and other paranormal creatures. I mean, what about us? The British aren’t the only ones who experience hauntings.

Lockwood & Co., a new Netflix adaptation of Jonathan Stroud’s young adult book series, helps to level the playing field between the two sides of the Atlantic. The only “issue” we have is that eight episodes aren’t enough for the first season, and that’s with Joe Cornish, writer, and director of Attack the Block.

In light of this, we at Digital Spy invite you to grab some salt bombs and join us as we discuss the second season of Lockwood & Co on Netflix.

Lockwood & Co Season 2 Release Date

After a show premieres on Netflix, it may take anywhere from 12-18 months to complete the entire season’s worth of episodes. Season two of Lockwood & Co., assuming it is renewed, would premiere sometime in the spring of 2024.

Netflix has been on what can only be described as a cancellation binge as of late, so the adaption will need to draw in big numbers if it wants to be renewed.

Lockwood & Co Season 2 Cast

All of the original cast members of Lockwood and Company, season 1, are, as far as we can tell, available to return for season 2. This indicates that the paranormal investigation team of Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman, and Ali Hadji-Heshmati will soon be reuniting.

Yet, Louise Brealey, who played Pamela Joplin, will not be returning. Poor Pamela was eventually overpowered by the spirit glass mirror and its spectral inhabitants.

  • Lucy Carlyle, played by Ruby Stokes
  • Cameron Chapman as Anthony Lockwood
  • George Karim, played by Ali Hadji-Heshmati
  • Skull played by Michael Clarke
  • Inspector Barnes played by Ivanno Jeremiah
  • Luke Treadaway as The Golden Blade
  • Morven Christie as Penelope Fittes

Lockwood and Co Season 2 Plot

We’re hopeful that the second season of Lockwood and CO will quickly answer the question of what’s beyond Lockwood’s secret door, but there are plenty of other directions in which Cornish may take the show.

First, there are the Golden Blade’s statements regarding Lockwood’s parents and his relationship with Penelope Fittes. And then there’s George, who wants to know where “The Problem” got its start.

To predict the future of the show, we need to go to the literature. The first season was based on The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull, the first two novels in Stroud’s series. Then, the second season of Lockwood & Co. would most likely cover The Hollow Boy and The Creeping Shadow.


The adventures of Lockwood, Lucy, and George as they search for the origin of the Brixton Cannibal and face off against a traveling carnival of assassins are chronicled in these volumes.

Where can I watch Lockwood and Co?

There are eight total episodes of Lockwood and Co, and you can only find them on Netflix. It’s okay if you’ve already seen every episode in the entire series in one sitting. Everything is taken care of here.

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