Jayde Nicole Dating History: Who is She Dating Now?

Who is Nicole Jayde ?

Jayde Nicole is a Canadian model and businesswoman. Jayde Nicole was born on February 19, 1986 she is from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. At the age of 26 years she is the first Canadian Playmate of the Year. Jayde Nicole was Playboy′s Playmate of the Month for January 2007 and was named the 2008 Playmate of the Year in the June issue of the men’s magazine.

At the age of six Jayde Nicole began modeling for catalogs and fashion shows. Jayde Nicole created and owns her own agency, “A Touch of Class”, based in Port Perry. Jayde Nicole started a charity of Lengths for Love, similar to Locks of Love, which encourages people to donate their hair to be fashioned into wigs for pediatric patients in need. 

Who is Jayde Nicole dating now ? 

Jayde Nicole started dating Broody Jenner in 2008 they both met on the third season of MTV series. And they start dating each other. But, the show member Kristin said that their love is scripted according to the show. Kristin said that she and Broody Jenner dated for a few episodes and after Broody Jenner met Jayde Nicole he started dating her. 

Jayde Nicole isn’t single as She has a Boyfriend. Who is she dating now ?

Broody and Jayde First date is on hills. And their relationship runs for 15 months only. Jayde Nicole tweeted her separation with Broody Jenner. And she wrote on her tweet that ‘Sometimes when you truly love someone you have to let them go’. After 15 months of dating they both get separated. 

Relationship with Jesse Waits 

After separation with Broody Jenner ,Jayde Nicole started dating Jesse Waits they both got into a relationship in 2010, Jesse Waits is an American businessman. Jayde Nicole and Jesse Waits First time spotted at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Los Angeles, California. Jesse Waits and Jayde Nicole also spotted in Nightclub they spend their love time together. Their relationship can’t run so long before some months of dating with each other they get separated and Jayde Nicole can’t reveal her separation with Jesse Waits with the media. She keeps her relationship private. 

Jayde Nicole dating history with Joffrey Lupul

Jayde and Joffrey Lupul started dating in the same month with her separation from Jesse Waits in 2010. Joffrey Lupul is a professional ice hockey player. Joffrey Lupul proposes to Jayde Nicole during his ice hockey match. After some time of dating their relationship was getting rough and they decided to get separated from each other. And their relationship can’t run for so long. 

Jayde Nicole isn’t single as She has a Boyfriend. Who is she dating now ?

Jayde Nicole can’t reveal her relationship and her separation with Joffrey Lupul. Nicole keeps her love life private. 

Is Jayde Nicole dating to Anyone ?

Jayde Nicole is not dating anyone; she is single in 2023. According to her past dating experience Jayde Nicole said she can’t date anyone. 

Jayde said In one of the Interviews that she keeps her personal and love life private she doesn’t want to reveal her love life in front of the Media. 

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Jayde Nicole Net Worth , Real Estate 

Jayde Nicole Networth according to current year is approximately $ 3 Millions and In previous year 2022 her net worth is around $ 100,00 – $ 1 Million. Jayde Nicole earns from her career. 

Cars that Jayde Nicole Owned were Porsche, Mercedes and her dream car was Bentley, Mulsanne , RR Ghost, The Maybach. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Net Worth of Jayde Nicole Ex Boyfriend  Broody Jenner ?

Brody Jenner Net Worth according to previous year is around $ 10 Million and he earned from his acting, modeling career. Broody Jenner’s annual salary is around $300,000. 

Is Jayde Nicole married to anyone ?

Jayde Nicole has been in 3 relationships in the past but she can’t be engaged with anyone. And She has no plan in the future to get married. Jayde Nicole makes her personal life private. 

What is the Net Worth of Joffrey Lupul ?

Joffrey Lupul Net worth is according 2022 $ 5.25 Million , 2023 Net Worth $ 1.5 Million and salary is around 3,750,000. He earns this from his professional career. 

Jesse Waits currently dating to Whom ?

Jesse Waits is now currently dating Jocelyn Chew . She is a Canadian Model and also the member of season 1 The face member of Team Naomi.  

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