Hunters Season 2 Ending Explanation: What About Jonah? Does He Still Hunt?

The Prime Video series “Hunters” wraps up the story of a group of Nazi hunters as they undertake the final challenge before their mission comes to a successful finish. During their search for Hitler, who is revealed to be still alive, Jonah and the others team up with new allies.

Throughout the season, we learn about the origins of the elite group and what drove Meyer Offerman to find it by focusing on two distinct eras. Moreover, some issues from the previous season are resolved. There are a few loose ends that could be explored in future episodes.

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explanation

Hitler is finally found after great carnage and suffering on the part of the hunters. This is an act of selflessness on the part of Chava, who gives her life so that Jonah may live. With the help of Zev, Chava’s husband and a Holocaust survivor, Jonah drive Hitler out of his hiding place. A Jewish defendant is appointed to represent Hitler, who is guaranteed his right to a fair trial.

Since Nazism is still alive and well, many people are worried about the trial’s outcome. What if they can’t prove his guilt in court? To obtain a confession from Hitler, the prosecution plays to his vanity. This sentence effectively guarantees the monster will spend the rest of his or her life behind bars. There are still those who support Hitler despite his actions.

In the end, Travis frees the Nazi dictator. For the sake of establishing herself as the new dictator, Eva has decided to eliminate any competition by eliminating her husband. Travis murders her to prove himself more powerful than Hitler. The Hunters and the police have captured them, and Hitler is now incarcerated in Germany. Eventually, he gets fed in his cell by a prison guard. The above is the most likely conclusion.

Instead of choosing his own conditions of death, Hitler should have faced the world with his ugliness. He should have paid the price for his crimes and spent the rest of his life in prison like every other criminal, instead of being the subject of wild speculation and rumors about his supposed escape.

He was happy to be a part of the better race, but in the concentration camps, he was just another number. This will give him a firsthand taste of the medicine he takes. Instead of being inducted into the Reich, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. This is where he will inevitably perish.

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Recap Summary of Hunters Season 2

It has been two years since the last time the Hunters spoke to one another. After a catastrophic tour stop in Spain, the band called it quits. Despite this, Jonah continued to search for Biff Simpson when he ran away at the end of season 1.

When Jonah asks Biff what the bigger reward is, Biff tells him that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun are it. Jonah and Millie meet as a result of their shared commitment to apprehending Hitler and bringing him to justice.

Millie brings everyone back together, and even though they have their disagreements, they all agree to work together on the task after discovering that someone else has been carrying it out for quite some time. Chava Apfelbaum, after being freed from a concentration camp, immediately set out to find Hitler.

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explanation

As a bonus, she is the person Sister Harriet had been meeting with in private to accomplish her mission. The group puts aside their differences in order to track down Hitler and kill him. However, there is still the problem of Joe, who has been brainwashed into thinking that he should serve Hitler rather than seek him out.

What About Jonah? Does He Still Hunt?

According to Jonah, the Hunters were the ones who meted out punishment. Finding the person who killed his grandmother was just the beginning. The movement grew to include millions of people who had suffered at the hands of the Nazis. In Season 2, he appears to be actively hunting for the ultimate goal. He thinks that if he kills Biff Simpson, it will be the end of his time spent tracking down Nazis. He learns that Hitler is still alive.

Jonah eventually convinces himself that the goal is Hitler’s demise. After that, he plans to call it quits. Were there to be no Hitler, there would have been no Fourth Reich. He plans to stop it and wreak revenge on his killers. He understands the mission is not over after marrying Clara. Since there will always be a new Nazi plotting evil, it can never be achieved. Where do dishonest people go after they stop working?

The series’ conclusion takes place during Jonah and Clara’s vacation in Miami. No tension appears to be present, and Jonah is able to move forward. However, Jonah casts a quick glance at the elderly guy, who cowers in fright as if he has been identified. Jonah’s trip to Miami was more than a leisure trip. Following another Nazi to this location, he is back to hunting.


The Holocaust and other Nazi atrocities were committed by many people besides Hitler. His directives were followed by many, who then justified their criminal behavior. As long as there are people like them around, the Hunters will never be without work. Jonah and his band of Hunters have not stopped meting out justice and retribution.

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