Confirm Release Date of ‘Sexify Season 2’: What Happen Next?

The Polish sex comedy “Sexify” is directed by Kalia Alabrudziska and Piotr Domalewski and is available on Netflix and other streaming services. The show follows the character of computer science student Natalia and her efforts to design an algorithm for the female orgasm with the help of her companions Paulina and Monika. Sandra Drzymalska, Aleksandra Skraba, and Maria Sobocińska star as the primary protagonists.

The first season of the sitcom consisted of eight episodes, airing on Netflix on 29 April 2021. A second season of the show has been slated for the release date given below. Sexify has been described as “Poland’s equivalent to Sex Education”, a British Netflix show, due to how it treats the topic of sexuality in an educational atmosphere. The series has been hailed in Anglophone media as an international hit, having placed in Netflix’s top 10 in 80 countries.

For Confirm the Release Date of Sexify Season 2 scroll down:-

Sexify Season 2 Release date

A new trailer for the upcoming second season of ‘Sexify’ on Netflix also comes with news of the premiere date. A second season of the Polish language series “Sexify” will debut on Netflix around the world on January 11, 2023.

Aspiring IT student Natalia is the protagonist of the comedy-drama “Sexify.” She wants nothing more than to win a huge competition. Her strategy is to develop a novel program that piques the interest (and libido) of her peers.

Since her expertise lies in computer programming rather than sex, she has enlisted the help of her roommate Monika and her closest friend Paulina to remedy the situation. As they work to perfect a recipe for the female sexual climax, the ladies learn more and more about themselves as they explore the mysterious and complex realm of sex.

Sexify Season 2 Trailer

Sexify Season 2 Cast

  • Aleksandra Skraba as Natalia Dumała
  • Maria Sobocińska as Paulina Malinowska
  • Sandra Drzymalska as Monika Nowicka
  • Bartosz Gelner as Konrad
  • Małgorzata Foremniak as Joanna Nowicka
  • Cezary Pazura as Marek Nowicki
  • Piotr Pacek as Mariusz
  • Zbigniew Zamachowski as dean Krzysztof Maślak

Sexify Season 1 Recap

In the first scene of the series finale, Natalia is giving a speech about the evolution of the female orgasm while getting ready for a university technology competition when Paulina barges in and stops her. Paulina is feeling vulnerable and she doesn’t want to lose months of progress she’s made with her pal.

Meanwhile, Monika and her mother have a serious talk in which the latter encourages her daughter to choose her own path in life and not make her father the enemy. And so we are left wondering if the girls would risk their reputations and put everything on the line in the final episode. Such a concept for the climax is quite ingenious.

The girls’ project is halted but not expelled.

Of course, Sexify’s season one, episode eight was guaranteed to throw a wrench into the works.

The professor verifies that Natalia and her classmates will have their proposals submitted to the contest. But just as he makes this announcement, the Dean walks into the classroom and tells the females to stay there.

After giving the matter some thought, he tells them that he can’t just kick them out because people will have too many questions, but that if they do, their project will be scrapped and ruined forever. Natalia defends herself by stating she has already registered for the event. It appears to be over at this point.


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