Where is Allen Payne now? What happened to ‘CJ’ in House of Payne?

Where is Allen Payne now: American actor Allen Payne may be best famous for his role as Jason Alexander in the 1994 drama film Jason’s Lyric and as C.J. Payne in the family sitcom Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (2006–present). Payne is also well-known for his two-season run as Lance Rodman on The Cosby Show on NBC. In addition to his role as Gerald “Gee Money” Wells in Vampire in Brooklyn (1995), Payne also played Detective Justice in New Jack City (1991).

Where is Allen Payne Now?

Payne is still very much alive, although his whereabouts at the moment is unknown. It is speculated that his newest endeavor, titled California Love, will be released later this year.


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What Happened to ‘CJ’ in House of Payne?

People have accepted this at face value and begun circulating actual rumors of his death. The internet was taken over by rumors of Allen Payne’s death, but it turned out to be fake.

He became famous for playing C.J. Payne on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Many movies and TV shows have featured him as a lead actor. This actor has been in such films as New Jack City, CB4, and The Perfect Storm. Last week, though, rumors that the actor had died started making the rounds online and soon gathered traction.

A video about his death was released to a YouTube channel called Stars News, sparking the rumor. It was titled “R.I.P. It’s With Heavy Hearts We Report Sad Death Of ‘House of Payne’ Star Allen Payne Beloved One.” Approximately 337,155 people have seen this video since it was posted on November 6th, 2021.

As a result, many individuals started spreading the rumor that he had passed away, which was thankfully untrue.

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The rumor quickly went viral on Twitter, prompting a flurry of reactions. Someone on Twitter asked, “Why do people continually claim Allen Payne has passed away?” One commenter noted, “Someone just posted that Allen Payne passed away! In other words, that’s a complete fabrication! To show their solidarity, a few people have spoken out against the death rumors.

Why was ‘Allen Payne is dead’ trending in 2021?

The internet periodically becomes swept up in celebrity death hoaxes, and it appears that Allen Payne is the latest victim. On November 5, 2021, a YouTube channel called Stars News uploaded a video titled R.I.P. It’s With Heavy Hearts We Report the Sad Death Of ‘House of Payne’ Star Allen Payne’s Beloved One, which looks to be the origin of the terrible rumor.

More than 235,000 people have viewed it since then, leading many to speculate that the New Yorker, aged 53, may have been killed in a freak accident. There has been no confirmation of Payne’s passing, so there’s no reason to worry.

Many of the star’s admirers flocked to social media to express their happiness that the celebrity had survived. When a Twitter user’s mother called them worried about Allen Payne, that person just googled the name and their concerns were solved, the user stated. Girl, G-money is still with us, I said, but she abruptly cut me off.

‘ALLEN PAYNE IS NOT DEAD,’ a second person chimed in.


The sick death hoax was exposed by a third person, who said, “Why is social media continually dying someone off… Just read a message claiming that Allen Payne, CJ of the Payne family, has passed away. Insane YouTube obituaries mourn his passing, but the man is very much alive.

Allen Payne’s Life and career

His parents, Allen Roberts and Barbara Reeves gave birth to Payne, then known as Allen Roberts, in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood. He graduated from Pennsauken High School, located in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey.

To this day, Payne still credits an episode of The Cosby Show from 1990 as his first acting gig on the small screen. He played Charmaine’s boyfriend Lance Rodman for two seasons. Payne went on to guest star on episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Malcolm & Eddie.

Actor Payne has been n quite a few movies. In the Nelson George–produced, George–and–Chris Rock–written rap spoof CB4, he portrayed the role of “Dead Mike.” Other films in which he had roles include New Jack City, Jason’s Lyric, Vampire in Brooklyn, Double Platinum, and The Perfect Storm. As of the 2006 season, he was the lead character C.J. Payne on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. He also had an appearance in the music video for “I’m Not The Same Girl” by Stacy Lattisaw. When a citation is required,

His role on House of Payne was continued in 2018 on The Paynes. A stage adaptation of New Jack City, written by Je’Caryous Johnson, will include him in the character of “Gee Money” in 2022.

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