Is Tina Turner Still Alive? True or Rumors, Let’s Explore Here!

Ronnie Turner, the son of the singer Tina Turner Died a few days ago. After that people are worried about Tine Turner and many people are spreading rumors about her Death. Fans are searching for “Is Tina Turner Still Alive” on different sites.

Tina Turner is a Swiss singer and actress who was born in the United States. Turner got her start in 1957 when she joined Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm. In 1958, she made her first record under the name Little Ann. It was called “Boxtop.”

She became famous as the lead singer of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue and is often called the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” She later had a successful solo career. “A Fool in Love,” a hit duet from 1960, was her first song as Tina Turner. Ike and Tina Turner were called “one of the most powerful live acts in history.

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Is Tina Turner Still Alive? Rumors or True!

Even though Tina has health problems, she is still alive. It was her young son, Ronnie Turner who died recently. She had a stroke and was told she had colon cancer after getting married to Erwin Bach.

In her 2018 book My Love Story, Turner wrote about the diseases that could kill her. She got married to Erwin Bach in 2013. Three weeks later, she had a stroke and had to learn how to walk again. You can see Tina Turner Instagram post below which was posted 5 day before at the time of writing this article.


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Turner chose homeopathic treatments for her high blood pressure, which hurt her kidneys and led to her kidneys gave out. She didn’t have many chances of getting a kidney, so she was told to start dialysis. She thought about getting help to kill herself and joined Exit, but Bach offered to give her a kidney instead. On April 7, 2017, Turner had surgery to get a new kidney.

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Take a Look at Tina Turner’s Biography!

Tina Turner was born in Brownsville, Tennessee, on November 26, 1939. She was the last child of Zelma Priscilla and Floyd Richard Bullock.

Her family lived in the nearby rural, unincorporated town of Nutbush, Tennessee, where her father managed the sharecroppers at Poindexter Farm on Highway 180. She remembers picking cotton with her family when she was young.

When she was on the PBS show African American Lives 2 with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, he told the audience that according to her ancestry DNA test, she was mostly African, about 33% European, and only 1% Native American.

Is Tina Turner Still Alive

Turner wrote the song “A Fool in Love” for the singer Art Lassiter in 1960. Bullock was going to sing background vocals with the Artettes, who were going to back up Lassiter. Lassiter didn’t show up at Technisonic Studios for the recording session.

Turner had already paid for the time in the studio, so Bullock suggested that she sing lead. He decided to use her to record a demo, with the plan to erase her vocals and add Lassiter’s later.

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Latest News About Tina Turner!

The reason why Ronnie Turner, son of Tina Turner, died has been found out. The musician, who was 62, died on Thursday from complications of metastatic colon cancer, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner. Read More About Tine Turner’s Son Death.

Ronnie’s case file also said that he had atherosclerosis, a heart disease that causes the arteries to thicken and harden. “Sidewalk” was written down as the place where he died. Tina Turner, who is 83 years old, wrote an emotional post on social media after her son’s death to honor him.

“Ronnie, you left the world far too early. In sorrow I close my eyes and think of you, my beloved son “She wrote next to a somber picture of herself in black and white.

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