Where is Parker Leverett Now in 2022? Let’s Explore!

Where is Parker Leverett now 2022: Many people are inspired by 14-year-old Parker Leverett, who worked hard to reunite with his father. Due to the law, the child could not leave on his own, and as of the year 2021, no one has seen or heard from him. The world was won over by Parker Leverett’s 72-minute video because of how moving it was. The actor stayed at his father Caleb Leverett’s house for roughly 2.5 months while filming the movie.

On August 19, 2013, Parker was ordered back to his stepfather and stepmother’s home in Ector County, Texas by Judge Denn Whalen. The trip from his hometown of Odessa, Texas, to where his family has lately settled in San Antonio, Texas, takes around six hours by car.

The time Parker had to say his final goodbyes to his loved ones was approximately fifteen minutes. As heartbreaking as it was, it was all caught on film. Let’s count the days, Parker, and see how much time has passed since that terrible day four years ago.

Who is Parker Leverett

Parker Leverett is the son of popular YouTuber Caleb Leverett. Due to their participation in several of Caleb’s films, the family has amassed a sizable YouTube following. Reports of abuse against his stepfather surfaced, and his mother was portrayed as a morally reprehensible figure. These interpretations of Caleb’s character were created by a number of people who commented on his video.

There are a total of four members of his sibling group. The vast majority of them are nameless. We are familiar with his sibling Brian. Brian. Blaine’s mother called the police and he was arrested for using a self-copying device without permission. On June 7th, I decided to go against his wishes and have a baby. It was a mental standoff for Blaine that lasted for three days.

Blaine’s stepfather had been physically abusing him before this episode, which had already put him in a tense state of mind.

Where is Parker Leverett Now in 2022?

Parker Leverett, the son of a YouTuber, spent most of his childhood in front of a screen. His father told him that for a long period, he and Caleb Leverettwas didn’t watch any TV together. As of 2022, there have been no fresh developments conc

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After turning 18, he is now actively pursuing his schooling. His mental health likely suffered as a result of the stress of dealing with his parents’ frequent divorce disputes and his frequent relocations back and forth between his mother and father. We pray that he’s doing fine and is still as self-assured as he was when he went up against his mother to get what he believed was right.

How did Parker become famous?

Because he fought for what was right, Parker Leverett became a celebrity. First, on Sunday, May 26, 2013, he recorded and uploaded a YouTube video in which he detailed the abusive treatment he had received from his mother and stepfather. Since he thought the authorities were too slow, he eventually resolved to take matters into his own hands.

Parker Leverett gave his biological father permission to film, upload, and disseminate the video on June 6, 2013. After Parker and his dad approached his stepfather (Jason May), May acknowledged trespassing on Caleb Leverett’s land, and Parker and his dad decided to make the incident public.


Events after the video’s release catapulted Parker to stardom. Many people felt sorry for him after watching it online. To add insult to injury, Parker’s mom was criticized for being a neglectful parent. In addition, Parker’s stepfather was portrayed as an abusive figure who would resort to physical violence at the least provocation.

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