Where is Hurby Azor Now? Latest 2022 Info!

Where is hurby azor now: If you want to know what Hurby Azor is doing now, you can watch Lifetime on Saturday, January 23, to see his most recent work. The successful music producer, who recently judged the Haitian talent show Digicel Star of Stars, is one of the co-executive producers of the new Salt-N-Pepa biopic on Lifetime TV.

And that role behind the scenes makes sense. AllMusic says that Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor not only co-wrote the hit song “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa, but he also found a “successful formula of pop-crossover rap production” that helped the ‘90s hip-hop group become multi-platinum stars.

Who is Hurby Azor?

He’s a rapper and music producer who goes by the names “Luv Bug” and “Fingerprints.” He paved the way for the commercialization of rap music with a more pop sensibility. Hurby is a well-known music producer who saw the potential in Salt n’ Pepa and helped them realize it.

He wrote the hit song “Push It” for Salt n’ Pepa, which went on to win several awards and top the charts. As a soundtrack designer, he has contributed to numerous TV shows. His works have been featured in numerous successful media, such as the films Stepsisters and the television series Mike & Mike, among others.

On September 26, 1964, Hurby Azor entered the world. In 1985, he first gained attention thanks to the success of Salt n’ Pepa, and he has since collaborated with a wide variety of artists.

Salt-n-Pepa is behind Hurby Azor

Salt-n- The interview with Pepa appeared in The New York Times on January 22, 2021, and in it, the band expressed gratitude to Hurby for helping them achieve their success. Salt chimed in, saying, “Pep always says, Hurby is our third.” It was clear they thought highly of him.

Hurby quietly contributed as a composer and songwriter to the band’s many hit records.

Where is Hurby Azor Now?

Hurby works in the music industry, where he composes new songs and discovers up-and-coming musicians. An autobiographical film called “Salt n’ Pepa,” on which he worked as a producer was released with his credit listed on Distractify. He made an appearance as a judge on the hit Haitian show “Dogicel of Stars” not too long ago.


Hurby is the third member of the group, Pepa says.

Salt and Pepa, who also served as executive producers, recently spoke with The New York Times to discuss the significance of Hurby in the film.

Salt told the newspaper, “The truth is the truth.” And Hurby was the man we needed. When we first met, he was my boyfriend. He radiated the qualities of an artist and gave them to us. … My singing skills were nonexistent. I was never musically talented. Hip-hop gave me the chance to pursue my interests through Hurby, and that’s why I love it so much.

According to Pepa, “I was thrown in the studio when Hurby decided I was the one who would become Pepa.” Hurby saw it all in his mind. He insisted that it be said and done in a specific way. In the beginning, I struggled to keep up with the rhythm. At last, I comprehended it.

The chemistry between the three of us was explosive on so many levels,” Salt continued. “Pep always says, ‘Hurby is our third.’ When Pep and Hurby were younger, they would constantly fight. Just like that, a wave of inspiration, emotion, and drama reverberated in the form of music and dance.

Salt-N-Pepa may not have needed Hurby’s assistance to become successful back then, but in this day and age of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, anything is possible.

We had to go through a Hurby,” Salt told the New York Times. Once upon a time, you needed the endorsement of a camp, specifically a man camp. However, with the rise of social media and other platforms, ordinary people are finding it easier to break out into the spotlight than ever before.

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