Athena Strand Cause of Death: Texas Girl Killed by “Fedex Driver” Today’s Conversations!

Athena strand cause of death: On December 30, 2022, Athena Strand was reported missing in North Texas. Athena’s stepmother reportedly told the sheriff’s office that she went to her daughter’s room at 5:30 p.m. and discovered that she wasn’t there, according to the messenger.

Athena Strand’s outfit at the time of her disappearance included a blue pair of pants with white flowers on the pockets, a grey long-sleeve shirt, and brown boots. She had just left her father’s home on County Road 3573 in Paradise when she was last seen.

Athena strand Death

Sherriff Lane Akin says that her body was found on Friday, December 2, 2022. The body was found 6 miles away from her home. Based on digital evidence and what the driver of a FedEx truck said, police say that he took Athena. Also, it has been found that she died within an hour of being taken.

The driver has been named 31-year-old Tanner Lynn Horner. Since then, he has been kept in the Wise county jail. Tanner may have taken Athena from her driveway while he was delivering a package to her house.

Sherriff Lane says that Tanner sent the police to two places that didn’t exist before giving them the right direction. Tanner didn’t know Athena or her family, so he can’t say what led to the crime.

Seven is how old Athena Strand is.

FedEx is where Tanner Lynn Horner works. He is the only person who could have killed Athena Strand. Security staff says that Tanner led them to where Athena’s body was after taking them to two fake locations.

Sheriff Akin says this about Athena’s family: “They’re upset.” They are upset because of what happened, which took away a very important child from their lives.


Athena strand Cause of Death

The police believe a FedEx truck contract driver stole Athena based on digital evidence and a confession. From the suspect’s confession, the security team knows that Athena Strand was dead within an hour of her kidnapping.

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