Is Tyler Perry Married or Currently Seeing Someone?

American actor, novelist, director, and screenwriter Tyler Perry has quite a few skills under his belt. Perhaps his most well-known role is as the ruthless “Mabel Earlene Simmons,” or “Madea,” in the Madea comedy series.

Emmitt Perry Jr., who goes by the stage name Tyler Perry, is his real name. He was born on September 13, 1969, in New Orleans, Louisiana. His mother, Willie Maxine Perry (nèe Campbell), and father, Emmitt Perry Sr., raised him. The accounts indicate that Tyler had a challenging upbringing. He had a physically violent father as a child, and he tried suicide on more than one occasion to get away from him.

To distance himself from his father, he legally changed his first name to Tyler when he became sixteen. Melva Porter, Emmbre Perry, and Yulanda Wilkins were Tyler’s siblings.

Is Tyler Perry Married?

Perry and Gelila Bekele, a model he met at a Prince concert in 2007, have been together since 2009. On November 30, 2014, after being together for five years, the couple finally had their first, Aman. They stayed together for another 6 years, till 2020, when they finally broke up. They spent ten years as a couple without getting married.

Is Tyler Perry Married

Perry and Bekele have made an attempt to keep their son Aman’s private life private, therefore there isn’t much known about him at this time. Perry has never been married.

Amo Mama says Aman has an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and is exceptionally bright for his age. It was revealed to Kelly and Ryan by Perry that Aman had started reading at the age of three. Aman also loves Bob Marley and the celebration of Halloween. Perry has made numerous claims about how similar he and his son are in appearance.

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Who is Tyler Perry’s Girlfriend Gelila Bekele?

Gelila Bekele is an American model and filmmaker of Ethiopian descent. She was born in the country’s capital, Addis Ababa, and raised in Europe. A modelling agent spotted her as a 19-year-old student at the University of California, Berkeley, and immediately signed her up.

The next year, in 2006, she began her career as a model with Ford Models in New York and Ford Models in Paris. In addition to working with big names like Levi’s, Diesel, Tory Burch, Anna Sui, Michael Kors, Mikimoto, H&M, Pinko, Nespresso, Pantene, and L’Oréal, she has also worked for smaller brands and designers.

Bekele is a humanitarian and activist in addition to being a model. She started contributing to Charity Water, an organisation that helps provide clean water to areas in need, in 2008. She went at the Women’s March on Washington in 2017 as well.

Is Tyler Perry Married

Why Didn’t They Got Married?

Having been together for ten years and raising a son as a couple, most people assumed Perry and Bekele would ultimately get hitched.  But because of his hectic schedule and commitment to his work, Perry gave careful consideration to his future spouse before deciding to tie the knot.

The Huffington Post reports that Perry said this of his work ethic on Jay Leno’s show:  “I’m not so sure, with this kind of work ethic, what kind of husband I will be. I don’t know about marriage as much as I do know that I would be a great father.”

Perry may have been against getting married, but he clearly had feelings for his ex-girlfriend. The creator of House of Payne told People in 2017 that “There’s no other person on this planet that I would want to be involved with or have a child with because she’s amazing.”

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In 2020, Perry posted an Instagram photo of himself working out at home and revealed that he was single.

“This is what a midlife crisis looks like. I’m 51, single, and wondering what the next chapter in my life will look like. Whatever it looks like, I’m going to walk with God, be the best father and man I can be, hold my head up high, and try to look my best doing it.”

While Perry and Bekele are no longer together, he has made it plain that Bekele is cared for as the mother of his child: “I have someone who is wonderful and she’s getting her share of all of it.”

What Are His Future Plans?

Perry has been working on several projects simultaneously for distribution on streaming services including BET Plus, Disney Plus, and Netflix. His business, Tyler Perry Studios, has also grown to accommodate films like Bad Boys 3 and Coming 2 America. Perry is also working on setting up a writers’ room so that other artists can contribute to his work.

Is Tyler Perry Married

Perry told the Hollywood Reporter that he plans to take on more of a managerial role in the future, delegating some of his responsibilities to aspiring television writers and directors. Perry explained his decision and his future intentions to his fans while assuring them that he will continue writing for at least another three to four years.

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“My plan is to relinquish to a lot more directors and writers to take over a lot of these shows that I’ve started. It’s going to be more of me overseeing, rather than doing the hands-on work. For the past six weeks, I was in the mountains. I wrote 72 episodes of television… I start writing at 7 and don’t finish until 7 in the evening. I do that every day until it’s done. I love it. And I love directing for 12- or 15-hour days. But I realize there’s so much more that I could be doing if I were to hand some of the other stuff off — rather than doing it all myself.”

Perry, who is now 52 years old, should probably take a break and let younger people do the hard work for a bit. He currently runs one of the world’s largest production firms, with dozens of projects in development. Amazing as he is, he is still only a guy. Plus, with all the hard work he’s done over the years, he deserves a lengthy break.

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