What happened to Amy Winehouse Ex-Husband’s Brother Freddy Civil?

Freddy Civil, the brother of Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband, dies of a drug overdose: The death of Blake Fielder-younger Civil’s brother has been all over social media and the internet lately. Freddy Civil is the name of Black Fielder-younger Civil’s brother, according to the reports.

A lot of people have been looking for the reason Freddy Civil died. In the next article, we’ll talk about why Freddy Civil is so popular, what he did, and where he is now. Read the article below to learn more about Freddy Civil and the case he was in.

Does Freddy Civil die?

After checking into the Leeds hotel on April 26, 2017, Freddy Civil, the brother of singer Amy’s husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was found face down in his underwear. Amy Winehouse’s ex-younger husband’s brother died of a drug overdose, it has been revealed.

Freddy Civil, the younger brother of the singer’s ex-lover Blake Fielder-Civil, reportedly overdosed and died on April 26 of last year. Freddy, 27, was accused of killing himself by injecting a fatal dose of narcotics after he escaped from a psychiatric hospital and checked into a B&B in Leeds for £40 per night.

Freddy, who had been staying at a hotel with a friend, was discovered face down and wearing only his underwear when emergency services were called. His tragic death was confirmed there and then.

According to the inquest at the Wakefield Coroners Court that Blake attended, there were no visible injuries. An autopsy revealed “fatal quantities of morphine” in his bloodstream from heroin injection, the pathologist testified.

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At trial, pathologist Lisa Barker stated, “It was indicated as the lower end of the fatal range.”

Even a daily heroin user who had built up a tolerance to the drug might have overdosed on such a large dose. It was “in the fatal range,” even for someone who had previously used heroin.

Freddy’s Civil Cause of Death

According to the testimony given at the inquest, Freddy, Blake Fielder-younger Civil’s brother who was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire, was given a hospital order by a judge after being sent to HMP Leeds for an undisclosed offense.

The singer’s ex-lover Blake Fielder-younger Civil’s brother Freddy Civil passed away on April 26 of last year. Heroin overdose was the cause of death for Blake Fielder-younger Civil’s brother. He passed away before booking a £40 per night B&B after escaping a mental health facility, according to an inquest.

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He had been housed at Newton Lodge, a medium security facility on the grounds of Fieldhead Hospital in Wakefield, West Yorks, since the fall of 2018 under the Mental Health Act.

What was Freddy’s mother’s statement?

Freddy’s mother Georgette Civil complained to the court about how her son was being treated at the facility. She had a statement read to the court on her behalf in which she claimed that Freddy’s weight had increased from 9 to 17 pounds as a result of being imprisoned. She further asserted that he engaged in less physical activity than the NHS’s 25-hour weekly recommendation.

She claims that Freddy demanded two-to-one staffing after complaining about staff mistreatment. He was made to squat while completely naked after being strip-searched by staff. The staff referred to him as a pedophile.

Freddy was transferred from ward to ward, which decreased his stability. Both eczema and alopecia were severe conditions for Freddy.

When Freddy’s detention was set to end in June 2021, Mrs. Civil, a former hairdresser, testified in court that he was preparing to build a barbershop with her help. Dr. Suraj Shenoy, a consultant forensic psychologist at the hospital, claims that Freddy had grown “frustrated” at spending so much time in the hospital.

According to the doctor, Freddy would have benefited more from home drug addiction treatment.

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In court, he testified that Freddy “did not trust” a few medical personnel and expressed concern that he would not be released. According to Dr. Shenoy, Freddy was moved to different wards after being able to borrow medication from other patients.

Blake previously acknowledged giving Amy her first dose of heroin. After the post-mortem, Freddy’s body had no visible external injuries. Blake showed up for the inquest at the Wakefield Coroners Court.

In 2007, Amy Winehouse wed Blake. They shared a home until 2009. She died in 2011 at the age of 27. It has been four days since the inquest began.

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