What Happened to Thami Ngubeni? She Thanks God for Saving Her!

It is good news that Thami Ngubeni is thankful that her life was not in danger when she was hijacked and taken hostage a week ago. On Sunday, Ngubeni wrote about what had happened to her on social media. She said:

On Monday, I was hijacked and kidnapped. They took everything material, but they did not take my life.

She also said That “I was taken hostage and hijacked. They took away everything I owned, but they didn’t kill me. God gets all the credit. Faithful God. The God who helps me win my fights. My God, who rescued me from the lion’s mouth.

What Actually Happened With Thami Ngubeni?

During the most recent episode of her show with Siya Mhlongo, the veteran broadcaster told a scary story about herself. She said that on November 14, 2022, she was hijacked and then held hostage by people who wanted to clean out her bank accounts before letting her go.

Ngubeni confirmed that, even though the scary event has left her traumatized, she is glad to be alive and able to tell her story. So, it’s not surprising that after she told the story on the blue app, people went to Twitter’s timeline to comfort and help her during this hard time as she rebuilds.

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She wrote on Twitter the following words: (”On Monday I was hijacked and kidnapped. They took everything material but they did not take my life. I give God the glory. Faithful God. The God who fights my battles. My God saved me from the jaws of the lion. Hallelujah #prayerworks #TheSacredSpace iamthamingubeni on Insta”)

After posting this she again tweets about her safety and that she is all right. She writes: (“I’m thanking God that He saved my life. That even though the enemy tried to harm me, God protected me. A weapon was formed against me but it didn’t prosper. I walked through the fire but was not burned! Praise be to Jehovah. Hallelujah”)

Let’s Take a Look at Who is Thami Ngubeni.

Thami Ngubeni is an actress, writer, radio host, and host from South Africa. She was in shows like Molo Fish and Generations, which were both dramas, as well as comedies like Going Up and Suburban Bliss, which were both comedies. In the movie Critical Assignment from 2004, she played the role of Sabina Siko. Then, she played the main character in the drama series Known Gods.

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Also in 2006, Thani wrote and published a book with Penguin Books called My Sacred Spaces. She also owns her own media company called Tamzin, which makes content for radio, film, TV, and print. In 2007, Thami played the lead role in the medical TV show Jozi-H as Dr. Ingrid Nyoka.

In 2007, she was named the editor of The Oprah Magazine in South Africa. This was one of her biggest accomplishments. Thami also had her own show, The Scarlet Lounge, in 2011. She also wrote for the magazine show Top Billing and the game show Family Fortunes.

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