TikTok Star “Britt Barbie’s” Mall Fight Video Has Gone Viral on Twitter!

Popular TikToker Britt Barbie has commented on the viral video of her arguing with an unidentified woman in a mall.

The weekend altercation between the aspiring singer and social media star and two unidentified individuals reportedly went viral on Twitter and Reddit. In a TikTok video, Britt has now responded to the online harassment by mocking the haters and trolls.

Who is Britt Barbie?

Britt Barbie is a well-known TikTok star, content creator, social media influencer, and media face. The United States of America is where this amazing woman was born. Britt became well-known in the country after she lip-sync video on TikTok went viral. Ahh, Period Uhh. Let me tell you that Britt is an influencer on social media and makes content.

Thousands of people follow her on TikTok. Aside from this, she is also well-known on social media. Most of the videos Barbie makes are lip-sync videos to popular songs. Scroll down to learn more about Britt Barbie, who is a big deal on TikTok.

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Britt Barbie Mall’s fight video has gone viral.

Earlier this week, a video of Britt Barbie and an unknown couple arguing in a shopping mall went viral on Reddit and quickly gained traction on Twitter.

Britt Barbie and her friends are shopping at a mall when they come across two strangers. Their encounter is captured in the 21-second video. The TikTok spins around and returns to the two after what appears to be a response from the man.

Britt Barbie is approached by a female member of the pair just as the two begin to argue, and Britt Barbie falls to the floor. It’s unclear what sparked the brief altercation or whether Britt Barbie knows the unidentified bystanders.

TikToker Responds To Viral Clip

Britt Barbie responded to the viral video from the previous weekend on Twitter with her own video on the video-sharing platform TikTok. This TikToker with 2.4 million followers uploaded a 13-second clip.

Britt Barbie merely shows the video and reads aloud some of the hateful messages she received. You can’t fight, you got dragged, and that girl beat you up are some of the comments.

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Despite the criticism, Britt Barbie seems unfazed. The TikTok was recorded smiling and moving to the tune of “I Don’t Care.”

Upon being questioned on the matter, Britt Barbie simply responded, “There are a lot of things people do not know that I will speak on when the right opportunity presents itself.”


1). What happened with Britt Barbie?

After receiving physical abuse at Missouri’s Mid Rivers Mall, TikToker Britt Barbie went viral on Twitter. An unnamed woman punched her, causing her to fall to the ground. The situation is hilarious to internet users, who have noticed the video.

2). Who is Britt Barbie, exactly?

A well-known TikTok star, social media influencer, content creator, and media personality is Britt Barbie.

3). Who gave Britt Barbie a punch in the mall?

An unknown woman struck Britt Barbie with a punch.

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