Know About Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton Relationship!

It feels so great and amazing when the love birds come together forever and never been separated or think about it. Similarly, in this case, Netflix stars “Lauren speed and Cameron hamilton”, both are the favorite stars of the most prominent show, “The love is blind“. which win the hearts of millions of people and is the most lovable and praiseful show ever on NetFlix.

You are at the right place to know more regarding Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton’s dating life and how they meet, whether are they married or not and have any kids, and many more things you will get to know so, stay tuned with us, We provide you all the authentic information of love couples.

How and Where Did Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton First Meet?

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, their first meeting is strange to each other. In October 2018, they first meet on the most prominent show ever. “love is blind” on NetFlix. But the show was not released till in February 2020.

Know About Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton Relationship!

Firstly, let’s covered this question why love is blind so recognized?  Most people might be familiar with the most prominent season on Netflix which fire on the stage and wins millions of people’s heart, it is not easy to win millions of people’s heart.

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The show is all about a cute love story and which makes the show super hit by our star, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, and through there love story also begin and end up with a wedding.

In the Confessional interview, Both Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton express their feelings and Cameron Hamilton also said they were not emotionally attached to each other before they meet. Lauren Speed also told that he first purposes her, and express their feelings as well. When  Cameron Hamilton purposes to her for marriage, he was very nervous and also afraid that might be rejected but he openly expresses his feeling about her, and you know what the reply was Lauren Speed gladly said “yes” and wanted to marry you and spend all his life with you.

In 2018, Atlanta, the Content Creator, and Ai Scientist Revealed Love in a Podcast

The alliance AI founder said during his podcast that his love for Lauren Speed and the way when she accepted that moment was memorable and most precious in both of their lives.

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In the podcast, Lauren Speed said that Cameron Hamilton looks like a prince and she meant it. The man she wanted in her life really exists and that is the one and only Cameron Hamilton,  Who gives her valuable, and worth, and the guy becomes the father of my children that saw in him.

In November 2018 Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton married, less than two months before they first meet, and the wedding was such a great occasion.

After some time the couple posted on Twitter that they want to have one more wedding because they haven’t invited much families members and friends.

On 9 November 2020, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton launched a youtube channel, life called hanging with the hamiltons, the youtube channel covers all aspects of their life through their personal life, and their families they are professionals. Cameron Hamilton also shared their love with their fans. In the introductory video. The link is given below you can directly check it.

In March 2020, the couples shared dating advice on their youtube channel.

In November 2021 Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

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