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Tito and Paco, brothers who were born in Milan, share the same dream of entering the rap industry and finally having their voices heard. Paco is a natural performer, and Tito is the best writer of his generation. They appear to be destined for success, but a thrilling three-decade emotional journey will put their relationship to the test due to ambition, life, and love.

Let’s Have a Quick Glance at Autumn Beat!

Name of the Movie Autumn Beat
Director Antonio Dikele Distefano
Genre Drama, International, and Young Adult Audiences, Music Videos, and Concerts
Release Date November 10, 2022 
Cast Hamed Seydou, Abby 6ix, Gué Pequeno

The Storyline of Autumn Beat: Spoiler Alert

If you have not watched this movie yet you can leave this section because it contains a lot of spoilers. 

Paco is a natural rapper, and Tito, Paco’s brother, is a fantastic writer. The pair aspires to succeed and renown in the music industry. David, a friend and music producer, and Ify, Paco’s girlfriend, are also present with Paco and Tito. Although the streets adored Paco’s raps, they were not particularly successful. Paco is unable to secure a deal with Gue Pequeno, a well-known figure in the industry because Gue thinks the lyrics are shallow.

Although Tito and David’s “Autumn Beat” was crucial in helping Paco finally seal this agreement, Paco prefers to overshadow them. Tito leaves the room after closing the door, broken and hurt. While Tito maintains a tight bond with their mother Grace, Paco has grown apart from her. While Tito assists Grace with her work and meets Ify in the process, Paco spends time with friends and becomes well-known among them.

Tito receives a walkman in return for the money Paco lent him, introducing him to the world of rap and music. However, an accident involving a Paco-driven car causes Tito to lose some of his voice. Years later, Tito, who is now a professor, goes to Paco’s burial, where David introduces him to Aisha, Paco, and Ify’s daughter, who is 8 years old. David tells him that Ify had abandoned Paco a long time ago and requests that Tito looks after Aisha.

Tito reluctantly agrees, but sooner rather than later, they settle into a groove. Tito admits to Aisha that Paco made an effort to atone for his previous transgressions, but Tito was unable to reconcile despite his sincere desire to do so. Additionally, Tito introduces Aisha to Grace, who Paco looked after while their relationship remained strained. Tito also visits Ify because he wants to improve Aisha’s life.

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What Happen at the End of Autumn Beat?

At first, Tito and Ify were the ones to develop friendships. However, it’s likely that the incident where Tito lost some of his voice caused him to become more reclusive and cut off from Ify. Even when Ify and Paco became closer, Tito’s care and concern for Ify at various points revealed his abiding love for the girl.

In several scenes, Tito tells Paco to heed Ify and to stop playing around with other women. Although it’s true that Tito never declared his love for Ify—possibly because Paco and Ify were close—unclear it’s whether Tito actually cared for her.

After separating from Paco, Ify has moved on with life. She says that she is with a man who loves and respects her; she is also pregnant with their child. However, at a later moment, she promises Tito that she will be there for Aisha and that she’ll come back the next day.

She also asks Tito to be there for this family, of Ify and Aisha and hugs him before leaving. As such, the best bet would be that Ify intends to speak to her partner about Aisha and the importance of her being there for Aisha as a mother and requests Tito’s presence as an uncle to fill the vacuum created by Paco’s death.

Tito’s decision to take care of Aisha should be seen as an attempt to make peace with the past. He is sad that he won’t be able to talk things out with Paco before he dies. Tito had also told Ify that he would be there with her even if Paco left her behind. But since he broke up with Paco, he has decided to stop talking to Ify as well.

In the end, Ify also asks Tito to promise that he will be there for the family, which Tito does. Tito does want to make peace with his painful past, and he sees Aisha as the key to doing so.

Will There Be Any Sequel to Autumn Beat in the Future?

There will always be a need for music in movies, and rap movies have a strong and eager audience who love the art form and the performers, so there is no doubt that this kind of film could get a sequel. But the movie is about the brothers over the course of 30 years, so it doesn’t seem likely that there will be a sequel.

Since this first book covers everything about the brothers’ careers, it doesn’t seem likely that there will be another. If the movie does well, though, the writer or director might be tempted to learn more about the world of rap music, since it’s clear that he likes it.

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