Who is Lauren Kitt? How Did Lauren Kitt and Nick Carter Meet?

Lauren Michelle Kitt-Carter is an American actress, fitness competitor, fitness expert, producer, model, and trainer. She is best known for her fitness video series Kitt Fitt, but she is also a trainer, model, and producer. Lauren and her boyfriend Nick Carter both showed up on the reality show I (heart) Nick Carter.

People say that Lauren is the only one who should be blamed if Carter is still alive and healthy because she kept him away from alcoholism and suicide.

Brief Information About Lauren Kitt

Name Lauren Kitt
D.O.B 3 June 1983
Actor, Television producer, Fitness Professional
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $1 million

Who is Lauren Kitt, Nick Carter’s wife?

Lauren Kitt, Nick Carter‘s wife, has yet to respond to her husband’s charges that Aaron Carter threatened to kill her, but she did RT his message. Nick Carter and Lauren married in 2014, and their first child, Odin, was born in 2016.

Nick Carter said on Twitter in September 2018 that Lauren had miscarried and that they were expecting a “little sister for Odin.” In an Instagram post shared with Nick Carter’s 1.3 million followers in May, the couple revealed they were expecting another child.

Robin and Larry Kitt had Lauren, but they split up soon after she was born, and Larry eventually remarried. While her father is Mexican, her mother is of Irish ancestry.

“I had a completely average upbringing. My entire dad’s side of the family was made up of professionals. They usually don’t get back until late. In the past, they’ve been able to sustain us financially. “(Meanwhile), the girls were expected to study, keep the house tidy, and maintain high academic standards,” Lauren recently disclosed.

It was strictly forbidden in my house because my dad was so conservative, therefore I never watched MTV as a kid. When I was in my twenties, I first heard of the Backstreet Boys. My mom was a stay-at-home mom who raised me and my older sibling.

Lauren Kitt’s Net Worth

Actress, fitness guru, and reality TV star Lauren Kitt has a million-dollar net worth. When Lauren Kitt started dating Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, they became widely known.

She’s not just dating Nick, but she’s also a trainer and fitness guru with her own YouTube channel where she shares advice on living a healthy lifestyle. She and Nick Carter’s YouTube channel, KittFit, which features instructional fitness videos, premiered in 2013.

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She is presently featured on the VH1 reality show “I Heart Nick Carter,” which documents the couple’s hectic life as they plan their wedding, celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Backstreet Boys, and juggle their respective jobs. Lauren Kitt has also had some success as an actress, appearing in films and television shows like “The Pendant” and “One Life to Live.”

Lauren Kitt Career

Most people recognize Lauren from her popular YouTube channel, which she launched in September 2011. Among its offerings was a video series called “Kitt Fit,” which ran for a total of six episodes and had guest appearances by Nick Carter in a few of them.

In the fitness-focused videos, Kitt demonstrated a variety of approaches for maintaining physical fitness, such as boxing, Ultimate Frisbee, and other active workouts. Since 2014, when she decided to explore other job opportunities, the channels have been deactivated, however, she is still viewable on YouTube.

She has continued to do well as of July 2019, when she had a significantly larger subscriber base for her videos. In addition, she has participated in fitness competitions broadcast on WBFF, a Fox-affiliated station.

In addition to her acting and producing roles, she has also written and directed films like “The Pendant” (2010) and “Dead 7.” (2016). In 2013, Lauren also appeared in an episode of the daytime drama ‘One Life to Live. She is currently quite active on social media, particularly Instagram and Twitter, where she advertises cosmetic and physical fitness products and offers her fans exclusive discounts.

How did Lauren Kitt and Nick Meet?

Nick’s sister Angel and brother Aaron hosted a meet and greet where Lauren and Nick first made contact. Carter’s siblings were already aware of their compatibility, and it worked out to be the case. According to Nick, Inside Weddings:

“After three hours of talking on my balcony while facing the ocean, we kept seeing shooting stars. It became quiet as we both exchanged glances.

When Nick embarked on a lengthy tour of Australia, he came to the realization that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Lauren. He made the decision that the moment had come to pop the question and called Lauren’s father to get his OK. Then, he requested that his manager go jewelry shopping with Lauren. Nick had a diamond from a necklace placed on a ring since Lauren had fallen in love with it.


Lauren Kitt is best known for her fitness video series Kitt Fitt, but she is also a trainer, model, and producer. The couple has one child, Odin, who was born in 2016. Lauren Kitt is best known for her popular YouTube channel, which she launched in 2011.

She has also had some success as an actress, appearing in films like “The Pendant” and “One Life to Live”. Currently featured on the VH1 reality show “I Heart Nick Carter”.

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