Meet the Romantic Lead of Jon Hamm Girlfriend, Anna Osceola!

Relationship details are kept private in Jon Hamm’s personal life.

Hamm and actress Anna Osceola reportedly met in 2015 while filming Mad Men, and they began dating in 2020. Hamm had a committed relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt before he started dating Osceola. However, after 18 years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2015.

In a rare interview with InStyle from June 2017, Hamm discussed his personal life, including his romantic relationships. He was open with the outlet about being single, saying, “It’s challenging. After being together for a while, being single is challenging. It’s very difficult. It’s awful.”

Jon Hamm Early Life

In St. Louis, Missouri, on March 10, 1971, Jonathan Daniel Hamm was born. Jon Hamm’s parents separated when he was only two years old. Until she passed away when he was only ten years old, Jon Hamm lived with his mother. Jon Hamm relocated to Normandy, Missouri to live with his father and grandmother in the wake of this tragedy.

Jon Hamm Girlfriend

Even though Jon Hamm started acting in first grade, by high school he still saw acting as more of a hobby than a viable option for his future career. Hamm joined the baseball, swim, and football teams during this time. His father passed away not long after Jon Hamm received his high school diploma.

Jon Hamm Net Worth & Career

An American actor who works in both television and movies, According to Celebritynetworth, Jon Hamm has a net worth of $45 million. Jon Hamm is best known for his portrayal of Don Draper in the popular AMC television series Mad Men. Hamm has performed in a variety of television and movie roles in addition to Mad Men. He is a skilled voice actor as well.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Missouri in 1993, Jon Hamm began instructing acting at his former high school. After two years, he changed his mind and moved to Los Angeles in an effort to pursue a professional acting career.

Who is Jon Hamm’s Girlfriend?

Since 2020, Jon Hamm has been dating Anna Osceola. She is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-born actress who is 34 years old. Her birthday is April 8, 1988. The couple’s age difference is 17 years. Osceola has a long list of acting accomplishments under her belt.

Not Another High School Show, a television movie, gave her her big break in 2007. Along with these, she has made appearances on Greek, Rizzoli & Isles, and Law & Order: True Crime. She played a part in The Menendez Murders as well.

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Where Did Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola Meet?

According to PEOPLE, the couple actually connected while working on the Mad Men set in 2015.

At the retreat that Don Draper attended in the series finale, Osceola played the receptionist. They didn’t start dating until many years later, though. Since then, despite a few public outings, their relationship has been primarily private. They have been seen spending time together doing everything from Super Bowl Sunday activities to taking a trip to Italy in September 2021.

Jon Hamm Girlfriend

In March 2022, they made their red carpet debut at an Oscars after-party.

The two went to the annual Mercedes-Benz event because Hamm is an ambassador for the brand. The fact that they went out together for the first time in public shows that they are indeed a couple.

At the Top Gun: Maverick premiere, they most recently shared a photo on the red carpet.

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For years, there have been persistent rumors about Hamm’s relationship with Osceola. In contrast to 2017, when they were seen leaving a coffee shop, the two were seen playing tennis together in 2018.

Who Has Jon Hamm Dated?

For his part as Don Draper in the popular television series Mad Men, Jonathan Daniel Hamm, better known by his stage name Jon Hamm, is well-known.

Hamm had a committed relationship with the actress Jennifer Westfeldt before he started dating Osceola. Between 1997 and 2015, when they ended their 15-year relationship, Westfeldt and Hamm were lovers.

In a joint statement at the time, they promised to support one another going forward “in every way possible.”

Anna Osceola and Jon Hamm Made Their Red Carpet Debut

Osceola and Hamm advanced their romance following several years of dating. In March 2022, the couple made their red carpet entrance at the Vanity Fair Oscars celebration. Following nearly two years of dating, the two went on their first official date to the Vanity Fair party.

Hamm has never been married, but he and actor Jennifer Westfeldt were partners for almost two decades. In addition to dating since 1997, Hamm and Westfeldt collaborated on the 2011 romantic comedy Friends With Kids.

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2015 saw the breakup of Hamma and Westfeldt. Even though they haven’t been legally married, the Top Gun: Maverick actor described his longtime partner as “more than just a girlfriend.” According to a statement, their breakup was amicable.

Where You’ve Seen Anna Osceola Before

Osceola hasn’t achieved much fame in the entertainment industry, in contrast to her significant other. She has 15 acting credits on IMDb dating back to 2007. True Crime and Special Victims Unit were two Law & Order series in which the actor starred. Additionally, she had cameo appearances in the television series Bull, NCIS, and Rizzoli & Isles.

Osceola played a recurring role in the college comedy Greek outside of the procedural world. In the upcoming movie Confess, Fletch, the actor, and her on-screen beau will reunite. The movie also stars John Slattery, a favorite from the Mad Men series.


Jon Hamm was born on March 10, 1971, in St. Louis, Missouri. He is best known for his role as Don Draper in Mad Men. The couple met while working on the Mad Men set in 2015. Anna Osceola and Jon Hamm made their red carpet debut in March 2022. They went to the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party together for the first time.

In 2017, they were seen playing tennis together at a coffee shop. The Mad Men actor has never been married but has dated several celebrities.

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